'Lion survivor': Limpopo man Johannes Gopane

‘Lion survivor’: Limpopo man Johannes Gopane . Images via Facebook @ThobelaFM and Twitter @ShonnySA

Limpopo man’s fans demand he gets paid for ‘haa, hoo’ lion song

Fans of the Limpopo man Johannes Gopane are demanding the music producer to pay him for his viral ‘haa, hoo’ lion song.

'Lion survivor': Limpopo man Johannes Gopane

‘Lion survivor’: Limpopo man Johannes Gopane . Images via Facebook @ThobelaFM and Twitter @ShonnySA

South Africans are furious with the music producer for not compensating the Limpopo man Johannes Gopane for his viral “haa, hoo” lion song.

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Fans of the popular Limpopo man, real name Johannes Gopane revealed on Facebook that they’re disapointed that the music producers hasn’t reached out to the 70-year-old lion survivor.

Kgoshigadi Queen: “You can’t use someone’s face and voice without compensating them, hopefully they will come to the party. They are still trying to get his contact details.”

Nguruwe ya Misitu: “No matter how much most of you think he is mad for his demand and being jealous of him. He must be paid. Even the camp where the lions have escaped from must also get paid.”

Thaladi Johannes: “That man deserves it. I wish they can feature him in the music videos with the lion cause I think they know each other.”

Hebert Mahlala: “This man deserve bells guys. It seems like you producers don’t have a leg to to step on your creativity. So you are sticking on someone’s misfortunes or their good luck, it’s not funny though.”

“By4Page: “He must get paid. That’s his compositions shame.”

Robert Malekele: “The lion must get something as well.”

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The popular Limpopo man Johannes Gopane from Marumofase village shared in an interview with Thobela FM that he hasn’t received a cent for the “haa, hoo” lion song, following his viral interview with the SABC.

He added in the interview that he’s not expecting 100% profit from the music producer but some share because his voice made the song popular.

“They should’ve approached me first and asked for my permission to use my face on the shirts and my voice on the song. For example, if the music producer received R3000 from the song, I should’ve gotten R1000 something.”

The 70-year-old also advised South Africans to not run away if they bump into a lion because it will eat you.

“You must face it head-on,  stand still, and don’t turn your back on it. A lion can also eat its owners, so don’t run because if you run, it will eat you alive.”

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