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Six-year-old boy who risked his life to save his sister garners high praise

A heroic six-year-old boy who required 90 stitches to his face after being mauled by a dog as he shielded his sister from the onrushing animal, has been celebrated with an honorary world champion belt from the World Boxing Council (WBC).


Image via Facebook

When news of the horrific but heartwarming story went viral, the WBC announced it would make Bridger Walker, a little boy from Wyoming, an honorary world champion in recognition for his bravery that “represents the best values ​​of humanity.”

On Tuesday the organisation tweeted a photo of the youngster, smiling and wearing a WBC cap and T-shirt, with the famous green and gold belt with the caption: “AND THE NEW WBC CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, Bridger ‘The bravest man on Earth’ Walker.”

Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr. sent his own video message promising something special for Walker on his next birthday.

What happened to the boy?

A photo of Bridger’s scarred face hugging his proud sister garnered wide attention on social media when the boy’s aunt told of the harrowing moment a German shepherd rushed at the two children.

Bridger pushed his sister to safety but the dog latched its jaws onto his face, leaving him requiring a two-hour surgery to close the wound and giving him a distinctive scar on the left side of his face.

When asked by his father why he didn’t run to safety, the adoring big brother heartbreakingly replied: “Someone had to die, I thought it should be me.”

Hollywood actor and Avengers star Chris Pratt called the plucky youngster “a true hero.”