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Book goals: Five tips for how to read more books in a year

Do you have reading goals, or do you simply read to relax? Either way, here is how to get more pleasure from your book habit.

reading read books

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Many avid readers have “reading goals” such as reading a certain number of books in a year or in a month. Reading is also often their way to relax.

However, most people are pretty busy — whether they are an entrepreneur running their own business or a student trying to cope with a university workload.

Often one of the first things they may neglect in hectic times, are self-care activities and hobbies – such as reading.

However, self-care is vital for mental health and it is important to incorporate it into more parts of everyday life.

Here are a few tips on how to read more which may help you to reach or exceed your reading goals for 2020!

Use audiobooks

There are many audiobook apps which are handy if you commute to work, or drive frequently. They provide easy and accessible reading entertainment.

You can just pop on your headphones and dive right back into your current read without needing to wait for the rare moments where you can sit still.

reading read books
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Daily reading goals

Setting small reading goals everyday can help you not only read more, but also force you to take time for yourself.

If you set yourself the goal of 30 pages each day, you will be able to read more than 200 pages in a week.

These seemingly small numbers will add up over time and you will fly through books and crush your reading goals.

Limit screen time

Most of us consume some form of social media throughout the day. For some, however, it can become an addiction.

In addition, excessive social media usage also has been linked to higher stress levels and overall worsened mental health.

So, instead of scrolling through Twitter when you have a few minutes to spare, read a few pages of a book.

Limiting your screen time will not only benefit your mental health as a whole but can also help you reach your reading goals. Simply swap scrolling time for reading time.

Find a reading buddy

If your schedule is already filled to the brim, joining a book club might not be on the cards for you.

Get a reading buddy instead! Ask a friend or family member who loves reading, to be your reading buddy and schedule a time, perhaps once a week or month, to virtually connect and chat about books.

This will help keep you accountable. Also, it is easy, cheap and accessible as there is no membership fee or weekly obligation to meet in person. This is also the safest option over the pandemic, as it enables social distancing and you don’t need to wear a mask.

Quit on books you don’t enjoy

Some readers immediately stop reading a book as soon as they realise it is not their cup of literary tea.

Others, however, cannot bring themselves to quit on a book. Sometimes they don’t like not finishing something they started, or they hold on to that slim hope: “What if it gets better?”.

Most of the time, however, the book does not get better and you will have wasted precious reading time on a book you don’t enjoy.

Instead, put it down and try another one. This will ultimately save time which you can then spend on reading books you do enjoy.

It will also prevent you from dragging yourself through a book you hate and you won’t be put off reading just because you aren’t loving your current read.