Would you buy electricity on credit? Picture: File.

SA reacts to having the ability to purchase electricity on credit

‘Using money you don’t have to buy electricity the country doesn’t have,’ one person said about the idea. Would you buy electricity on credit?


Would you buy electricity on credit? Picture: File.

It has been a rough last few weeks for South Africans who are currently battling stage 6 load shedding which has left them in the dark for up to 12 hours a day. Tempers are running high on social media as many flock online to bash the current government, the minister of electricity and Eskom.

And now they have shared exasperated reactions to a new which allows households to purchase electricity on credit.

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SA laments new policy that allows buying electricity on credit

Currently South Africans are dealing with hours and hours of darkness and no productivity as a result of stage 6 load shedding.

Naturally, people are flocking online to complain about the country’s electricity crisis and how poorly the current government is dealing with the matter.

And now people are discussing the fact that electricity is now available on credit.

Prepaid electricity can now be bought with credit.
South Africans can now buy electricity with credit. Image: Blue Label Telecoms

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SABC News reported this week that residents will now be able to purchase electricity units using credit thanks to a telecommunications company called Blue Label.

SA residents can now use Blue Label’s website, Blu-advance to get an electricity top up which they pay back at a later stage.

“Very similar module to that of airtime when you go to airtime, they tell you what they are prepared to advance you and overtime as you become more valuable, the advances will increase. The same concept will happen with electricity,” said Blue Label’s CEO Mark Levy.

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SA very skeptical

Reacting to the news, South Africans aren’t very excited. Many of them have remarked that people may find themselves in debt paying for electricity that is rarely available because of load shedding.

“using money you don’t have to buy electricity the country doesn’t have,” one person said while another added:

“The biggest scam”

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