Watch: Some of 2019’s most hil

Photo: News24/Screenshot

Watch: Some of 2019’s most hilarious bloopers and funny moments [videos]

Year in Review: Watch some of the best and funniest bloopers that went viral during this past year.

Watch: Some of 2019’s most hil

Photo: News24/Screenshot

It’s been a year packed full of drama. From US President Donald Trump’s shenanigans to Eskom, here are some of the funniest news bloopers (international) and South African bloopers of 2019:

The best (international) news bloopers of 2019

Bloopers and other funny moments in South Africa in 2019

When Nando’s released their hilarious new ad featuring Mzansipoli – a game of “survival, corruption, and confusion”:

President Cyril Ramaphosa pledges to sing to Julius Malema in parliament when Julius becomes president of South Africa:

When Ramaphosa addressed the nation on the current state of the country earlier this year, but the wrong edit of his speech aired on live television:

In South Africa, even the robbers get robbed:

Military official botches routine:

When Sharon Dilworth had to unpack and explain Twitter’s ‘most fashionable’ candidate at this year’s State of the Nation Address:

During an interview on The Late Late Show, host James Corden, Scottish actor David Tennant and actress Elizabeth Banks tried their best to nail the South African accent.

When Corden asks Tennant about filming a project called Good Omens in Cape Town and whether he was able to imitate the South African accent, Tennant agrees that he cannot grasp the accent fully.

“I can’t get it,” says Tennant about the South African accent. “I can start off quite well,” he says further in his best version of the SA accent, “but it turns out like I’m coming from Birmingham”.

When Corden tries, he actually does sound like a South African.

“I can do it, yes. You have to be here…it’s here.”

An unknown man was caught on camera reversing his donkey cart out of a parking lot in South Africa earlier in 2019. According to News 24, the man with “pro-parking skills” was captured on camera in Mahikeng, North West.

The video quickly went viral in South Africa for obvious reasons.

The car guard in the video can be seen directing and signalling the man and his donkey cart as well.

“This guy’s driving skills are better than most I seen in a long time,” said one social media user on Twitter when Tumi Sole shared the clip.

Thus far, the video has clocked in thousands of views on Sole’s Twitter account alone.

When this guy caught the attention of CastleLite SA after making a parody video about load shedding:

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