Black Friday South Africa when and where good deals

Black Friday South Africa: When is it and where can I get good deals?

Black Friday is coming to South Africa again. It’s the perfect opportunity to get all of your Christmas shopping done and save a few bucks.

Black Friday South Africa when and where good deals

Black Friday is an American phenomenon that has slowly started catching on in South Africa.

This day has been ushering in the festive season shopping period in the United States since the 1950s but started catching on our shores in 2011. While in the States, many retailers opt for the savings in their bricks and mortar premises, in South Africa, it’s taken a bit more of an online slant.

In fact, it was online retailer that first introduced the idea. So, where and when should you be looking out for deals this year? Let’s take a quick look.

When is Black Friday in South Africa?

As with America, Black Friday 2017 will take place on Friday 24 November.

Where can I get Black Friday deals in South Africa?

That depends entirely on what it is you’re looking for. Let’s go through a few Black Friday categories.

Wide variety

Takealot’s 2017 Blue Dot Sale will run across every department of the online store, offering all the best Black Friday deals in one place. will also have a number of sales across departments.

eBucks plans to give members great value by offering a 50% discount on its products.

Onedayonly,, Checkers and Makro.

Tech and gadgets

FirstShop, iStore, The Digital Experience, MTN, Syntech and Dion Wired.


Spree, superbalist and Zando.


MultiChoice and DStv have said there will be “fantastic” offerings available on its website. Popular flight and accommodation Travelstart will also offer flight discounts.

Most of the country’s big retailers are expected to have some sort of discount on offer on Black Friday. Where you get the best deal depends entirely on what it is you’re looking for.

Many of the sales will start at midnight, so if you want to score big, you might need to stay up. Remember to set a budget and not just go spending all willy nilly on things you might not need right now.