load shedding

Eskom will reduce load shedding to Stage 2 on Sunday. Image: Pixabay.

Bible Study: Is loadshedding in the Bible?

Is loadshedding mentioned anywhere in the Bible? Here’s what you should know about faith and the electricity phenomenon affecting South Africans daily.

load shedding

Eskom will reduce load shedding to Stage 2 on Sunday. Image: Pixabay.

Loadshedding has been with South Africans for many years, and it’s so commonplace that power outages have made themselves part of the daily routine.

But is loadshedding mentioned anywhere in the Bible?

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There are many South Africans who look towards the Bible for guidance, answers, and help.

Here’s the answer to what the Bible has to say about power outages, and how it affects the lives of South Africans with faith.

Is loadshedding in the Bible?

The answer is technically no, the Bible makes no direct references to power outages.

People didn’t use electricity the same way as we do today during Biblical times.

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While lightning is mentioned in the Bible as a form of electricity, the type of electricity that powers modern appliances like your television and radio isn’t mentioned.

The authors of the Bible had no experience with appliances as we know them today, but knew of electricity and thunder.

But aren’t ‘dark times’ loadshedding?

The Bible references ‘dark times’ and ‘darkness’ in books like Psalms. What does this mean if it doesn’t refer to loadshedding?

‘Dark times’ in the Bible usually refers to times without faith, or times when people go through difficulty. Times can be mentally dark, and mentally taxing – these would count as ‘dark times’.

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Other Biblical references to ‘dark times’ speak of night-time, which would have been scary to travel through in times without any electricity there. While this isn’t direct loadshedding references, the Bible talks about times in physical darkness.

What are the dark times?

The Bible uses ‘dark times’ to refer to night-time, or emotional stress and strain.

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In Psalms, the Bible says ‘darkness is not dark to you’ referring to those who are said to have faith.

For modern people dealing with literal dark times, it could mean that faith, family and close friends could help to carry you through difficult times – yes, even if the Bible didn’t mean loadshedding!