Being self-obsessed messes with your memory. Image via Unsplash

Being self-obsessed messes with your memory, study finds

A study has just proven that people with big egos tend to forget things easily because they’re too focused on themselves!


Being self-obsessed messes with your memory. Image via Unsplash

If ever you need a reason to stop being narcissistic, this may be it. A study has just found that people who are “big-headed” or self-obsessed, tend to have problems with their visual memory. This means they have a harder time than most remembering people’s faces.

Your narcissistic ways may be stand in the way of your memory

A recent study has linked poor memory to being vain and to be honest, it makes a whole lot of sense. Researchers found that vain people are often so focused on themselves that they struggle to remember faces and objects.

The study which was posted on the Journal of Personality used data collected from 1,435 participants who were tested for “grandiose narcissism.”

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During the experiments, the participants were given 40 photographs to look at. They were then given other tasks to complete. A short while later they were shown the photographs again and asked to say whether or not they had seen the photographs before.

Many of the people who were narcissistic were unable to recognise faces that they had seen before. This proved that they had not paid enough attention to the photos the first time, Daily Mail reports.

‘How do I look’

The researchers also noted that the narcissistic participants tended to look at themselves frequently during an online lecture. This hindered them from answering questions about the lecture when it was done.

“Devoting attention to oneself may inhibit noticing, recognising or remembering what is happening elsewhere.

Leaving narcissists particularly prone to miss, and subsequently fail to remember, events occurring around them,’ said the researchers from MacEwan University and the University of Toronto in Canada.

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