beer pillow

The beer pillow is a great idea for booze lovers. Image via YouTube: @BeerGoals

Booze as you snooze: This bizarre beer pillow brings silly dreams to life

Ever dreamed of drinking a beer while you were dreaming? It may be a reality soon, because one guy is serious about selling ‘beer pillows’.

beer pillow

The beer pillow is a great idea for booze lovers. Image via YouTube: @BeerGoals

People across the world are proper beer lovers and wouldn’t mind having the chance to drink while they’re laying down – well at least this is what the inventor of a beer pillow must’ve been thinking. Phil from Beer Goals on YouTube shared how thirsty sleepers can get their drink on while in bed and it’s bizarrely hilarious!

Beer pillow – weird or wonderful?

Do you ever get thirsty in the middle of the night but a glass of water just doesn’t cut it because what you really need is something stronger?

Probably not, LOL, but if that is in fact the case, then content creator Phil who owns a YouTube page called Beer Goals has a solution for you – the beer pillow.

In his YouTube clip, Phil explains that his pillows are easy to make for those who would love to lay their heads on a booze-filled sack while simultaneously having a crispy (or probably warm) sip every now and then.

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In the clip, Phil can also be seen demonstrating how lovely sleeping on a pillow is.

“Our new goal is to create a pillow to drink in the middle of the night, all night long. We will show you how to have the ultimate brew night sleep.”

Here’s what YouTuber’s think

Unsurprisingly, many people loved the idea and raved about it in the comment section. Take a look:

OifelOifel said:

“Bud light is basically beer flavoured water. So no problem drinking it even at night. ????”

jiemmy said:

“Now instantly I have to get myself a cold one after dis and listen to my favorite bands Delta Parole and GNR. Amazing.”

drugsta OFFICIAL said:

“Imagine alcoholism so bad you do this every night”

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