Alligators. Image via Twitter @Mihlali_Chagi

Say cheese! Parents ask kids to pose with alligator [WATCH]

A video on TikTok, which has gone viral shows a parent encouraging her children to move in closer to take a picture with an alligator.


Alligators. Image via Twitter @Mihlali_Chagi

TikTok users recently dragged a parent in a video, which showed her posing her children next to an alligator for a picture.

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The video which shows a parent asking their children to pose for a photo next to an alligator has been viewed more than a million times on TikTok.

TikTok viewers watch in horror as she gathers her children to stand in front of the alligator which approaches the children and has its mouth wide open.

According to Outsider, TikToker’s were not amused with the parent as they ran to the comments section to rip her apart for her poor choices. “Literally takes one second for one of them to be lunch for that alligator”, said one.

“At least they have helmets on,” commented another. 

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“The alligator also smiles when taking pictures and forgets to grab them.”


“My heart was in my hand. I was saying no, glad he didn’t get one of them.”


“Everyone talking about the parents, but what about the person who’s recording.”


“When taking photos of everything made people forget everything.”


“This is like the family in Arizona that went in the middle of a frozen lake to take pictures and ended up falling through the ice.”


“Alligator is like uhmn, this is my scary face. Why is no one scared?”


“Lets pose while the alligator grabs the kids.”


“That big sister should have full custody.”