Australia to revamp visas for skilled migrants

Australia to revamp migration system for skilled migrants. Image: File

Australia to revamp migration processes for skilled visas

Australia will make major changes to its migration system, with the aim of facilitating entry for candidates with skillsets that are needed.

Australia to revamp visas for skilled migrants

Australia to revamp migration system for skilled migrants. Image: File

A proposed overhaul of Australia’s migration system is expected to take place this year.  The changes may be of interest to prospective migrants whose skills are desired in the Land Downunder.

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Australia is set to make major changes to its migration system which is reported to be failing to meet the country’s needs.

Minister of Home Affairs, Clare O’Neil, said that the country’s migration system is broken and that changes are necessary to improve the situation.

Our migration system is broken. It is failing our businesses; it is failing migrants themselves. And most importantly, it is failing Australians. That cannot continue,” O’Neil said, per VisaGuide.


A review of the Australian migration system is reportedly due to take place with the aim of speeding up the entry of skilled workers into the country. Like Canada, Germany and many other countries, Australia is competing to attract more skilled migrants as its population ages.

The country’s immigration system will be reviewed, putting various visa categories up for review. This is an attempt to accelerate entry for highly skilled workers into the country, as well as to ease pathways to permanent residency.


According to VisaGuide, the Australian government has said that the visa process for highly skilled foreigners will be made easier and quicker.

Australia’s federal labour government has said that the current system used to select skilled migrants would be modified so that the country can easily identify people with the desired skill sets that are needed in the local economy.


Wion states that Australia is set to depart from its current skills-based program to a demand-driven system since such a system would allow the country’s businesses to have a say in which job positions should be filled.

Currently, a points test is used to choose people with the correct skill sets but this is set to be changed so that candidates who are needed for the Australian economy are included.

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