Would you rock these ANC sneakers? Images via TikTok: @lindzzjacobs

‘Walking in corruption’: Would you buy these ANC sneakers?

South Africans have shared various reactions to these ANC branded sneakers. How much would you pay to rock these?


Would you rock these ANC sneakers? Images via TikTok: @lindzzjacobs

Over the last few years, more and more South Africans have lost faith in the country’s ruling party — the African National Congress. Many are angered over poor service delivery, high levels of crime and blatant corruption.

In light of this, social media users have had some pretty negative — and very hilarious reactions to ANC branded sneakers.

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Would you rock these ANC sneakers?

The African National Congress has been struggling to deliver for years now. While there are many who are staunch supporters of the ruling party, millions of people are losing faith every year.

An electricity crisis, high cost of living, corruption, nepotism, and a struggle to deliver quality service to the people have contributed to the lack of faith in the party.

People are becoming fed up with the ANC. Image via Twitter: @anc

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Their annoyance at the party has been made clear after a local headed to TikTok to share a post about ANC branded sneakers.

The black shoes are decorated with the ANC colours and emblem. Take at the clip which was captioned, “Which one is this one now?” below:



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Mzansi is quick with the jokes

Many of those who saw the post couldn’t wait to rush to the comment section to roast the shoes.

According to many of them, they wouldn’t be caught dead in shoes that represented the ANC. Others joked that the ANC lovers are probably lining up to buy it.

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Hilariously, the shoes were nicknamed “the corruptions”. Here are some of those comments:

“The corruption 10s,” one person wrote while another remarked:

“Imagine going to the store and saying ‘kopa di corruption 5s ka size 8.'”

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