An easy Easter menu for everyb

An easy Easter menu for everybody (or for the plain lazy)

This is for the masses who don’t enjoy the traditional plate of pickle fish or those who prefer not to eat it every single day for the next week! Try this instead

An easy Easter menu for everyb

So today is Good Friday… why not start the day off with a warm, light and fluffy croissant with a sweet jelly or jam of your choice. I prefer strawberry…


Getting together with friends? Grab a breadboard; layout a few snack biscuits and pile on the toppings. Don’t be shy with the salmon now! 😉


Come Easter… We STILL braai boet! Yip, gooi a few garlic rolls on the grill with a foiled parcel of your favourite selection of seafood. And before you know it, you’ve got a lekker hearty seafood dish.


Not in the mood for heavy and hearty? OK, suit yourself. But don’t worry, it’s not considered settling if the salad is sexy… spice things up! Oh, and did we mention the word salmon already? It’s a pretty sexy ingredient don’t you think?


Hey fella, have you tried my auntie’s Paella?!
No seriously guys, you just can’t beat it. If you don’t have a family member who has mastered this dish then make your way to your favourite eatery that serves this tasty, Spanish meal. Don’t forget to top it with a side of hot salsa! *Random. But I like my paella with mayo. #don’tjudgeme


Over all the pickled fish. Thought that might be the situation. Keep calm and eat sushi!



Yip. That’s right lazy, just cover the whole d*mn table in candy and the biggest brag of an Easter egg you can find.



or these guys…


Now these are easy to make… OK no. Who are we kidding! These you’ll probably have made or buy at the corner bakery.



If you’re not completely useless in the kitchen you could grab a few biscuits and drizzle and dip them in delicious icing, chocolate sauce, toffee syrup and sprinkle generously in colourful toppings that will have everyone’s attention. Then you smash it. Smash it all up into chunks and voila! Fun right?!


You can’t go wrong with these…


And who could possibly say no to cheesecake? Decorate with a bunny… at least you made an effort.


Hosting a picnic this Easter? Hide your dessert as part of the Easter egg hunt.


Even the adults will enjoy a trail of jelly beans that leads them to it!


Happy Easter Everyone.



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