How Ama Tekkie and Worcester P

Photo: Ama Tekkie/Supplied

How Ama Tekkie and Worcester Primary School teamed up to make the Ndlovu Youth Choir look their best on AGT

Watch as the Ndlovu Youth Choir receive special shoes from the new SA brand, Ama Tekkie and how children from Worcester Primary School played a special part in this story.

How Ama Tekkie and Worcester P

Photo: Ama Tekkie/Supplied

Ama Tekkie, a new local brand that ‘captures the essence of Mzanzi’ never imagined that their shoes would be on the feet of the now-famous Ndlovu Youth Choir. 

While the Ndlovu Youth Choir recently made it onto the finals of America’s Got Talent (which is an amazing story in itself), the following story is also pretty inspiring. 

Photo: Supplied/Ama Tekkie

Ama Tekkie and the Ndlovu Youth Choir:

After the Ndlovu Youth Choir’s first audition on AGT, Daniell Barnard from Ama Tekkie saw that the choir’s style matched theirs, and went on to send each member of the choir a pair to wear off-stage. 

He explained why they were so honored to have played a small part in the amazing story of the choir:

“They made us so proud to be South African that we sent each choir member a pair of Ama Tekkies to wear casually off stage.

“One thing lead to another and the next thing we planned to help them design a tekkie to wear during their next performance.”

Daniell said that this was easier said than done, as it was only two weeks before they had to leave for the USA.

“We came up with the idea to customize one of our current styles, but the colorway needed to match their new beautifully designed pink and green outfits.”

He also said that the Worcester Primary School offered to help them, as each tekkie had to be colored in by hand as part of the customization. 

Photo: Supplied/Ama Tekkie

“The children transformed the tekkies during art class by coloring it in to perfectly match their outfits. They also wrote their names on the innersoles of the tekkies and inserted a short letter, wishing them well with the next performance.

“The slogan the kids came up with ‘you’ll be in our hearts and we’ll be on your feet‘ sums up how inspiring the Ndlovu Youth Choir’s success has been to many South African kids and for these kids to feel proud they played a small part of such a great story.”

The choir responded with a video singing and saying thank you to the students:

Watch the performance down here: