mocktail alcohol-free alcohol ban cocktail

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Out of wine? Here are a few ideas for how to enjoy teetotal life

Beat the booze ban with substitutes like virgin cocktails and other activities to fill your old ‘drinking’ time in a healthier way.

mocktail alcohol-free alcohol ban cocktail

Image: Canva

The South African government banned all sales of alcohol so it’s time for tipplers to look into alternatives.

This was the second time this has happened since lockdown started, and many South Africans are fuming that they can’t buy drinks.

However, there are some cool and nifty ways to enjoy this new teetotal phase of life.

Homemade non-alcoholic cocktails

mocktail alcohol-free alcohol ban cocktail
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There are some fantastic recipes out there for virgin cocktails. A simple Google search will produce some zany, amazing results.

Why not use this time to experiment and try something new? Plus, you can impress your loved ones with your some awesome combinations and virgin cocktails look like the real thing.

A pink gin and tonic for example, is pretty delicious when made with a spritz of grapefruit juice, a small tin of tonic water, a slice of fresh fruit fig and a swizzle stick of a sprig of thyme. Top with plenty of ice for a refreshing mocktail.

Commercial non-alcoholic drinks

If you don’t feel up to mixing your own, why not try some store-bought non-alcoholic drinks? You can still look sophisticated and ritzy while trying something new. There are plenty of unique and delicious flavours available on the supermarket shelf.

You might discover something that tastes amazing and share it with your friends.

Enjoy a health drink

Alcohol usually has sugar in it but a little less sugar is not a bad thing for most of us.

Why not try some freshly squeezed orange juice, soda water and grenadine syrup to get your daily dose of vitamin C? Experiment with other combos and see how healthy health drinks can be.

Save your cash

Alcohol can be expensive, so not drinking it can help you to save the money that you would usually use to buy it. Keep count of how much you save weekly.

You may just find that you save money that you can either use to celebrate a special occasion or put towards something you need.

Start a new hobby

Instead of spending your time by sitting around and having an alcoholic drink, take your mind off it and take up a new hobby.

This might, for example, be another liquid interest: you may want to become a coffee connoisseur and try new and exciting types of coffee. There are also tons of free courses available online that you can try out.

Online isn’t the only way to go though, there are other activities you can do, like reading, painting, scrap-booking, journaling and baking.

Getting creative with a new hobby or interest can help you to blow off steam.

Remember that alcohol is often used in social events and it become more of a habit than a need. Stay in contact with friends, and share a cup of coffee or tea together, even if it’s online.

It’s about making connections, keeping in touch and having fun, rather than knocking back loads of alcohol after all.