Airline bans nylon carry bags on flights

Airline bans nylon carry bags on flights. Image: Unsplash

Airline bans carriage of nylon carry bags: See here!

Ethiopian Airlines has banned the carriage of large nylon carry bags as checked baggage on its flights in Nigeria.

Airline bans nylon carry bags on flights

Airline bans nylon carry bags on flights. Image: Unsplash

Africa’s largest airline Ethiopian Airlines has implemented a ban on the carriage of nylon carry bags as checked baggage on its Nigerian flights.

The bags are often used by traders who need to carry large volumes of checked baggage on scheduled passenger flights.

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Ethiopian Airlines says that these extra-large bags have detrimental effects on baggage handling equipment.     

The bags often tear and then jam conveyor belts used in the handling of baggage at airports. This results in disruptions and added costs for airports and airlines.  

In a statement Ethiopian Airlines said the ban was imposed owing to “the frequent occurrence of damages to the conveyor belts at various airports, resulting in significant costs incurred by the airlines involved”.

However, the airline said that passengers can still use these bags provided they package the bags inside cartons of hardcover or rectangular sizes.

Airline bans plastic bags. Image: Ethiopian Airlines


These supersized nylon carry bags earned the name “Ghana Must Go” bags in Nigeria in the 1980s. 

This is because a number of undocumented immigrants, many of whom were Ghanaian, fled Nigeria with these bags.

Indeed, these bags are not uncommon in airports across Africa as they are often used by passengers to carry oversized items as checked baggage.


The bags are very popular across Africa and other parts of the world. They can often be spotted in many airports, where passengers need to carry large or oversized goods on flights.

The bags are called different names in various countries. In Kenya, for example, they are known as “Nigeria bags”, and in Zimbabwe they are called “Botswana bags”.

BBC reports that KLM and Air France imposed a ban on these bags in 2017 because the bags tear, damaging airport baggage handling systems.


Airlines often accommodate the carriage of abnormal baggage or irregular shaped items on flights, including pushchairs for babies, bicycles, golf bags or ski equipment.

This is to enable passengers to bring items and equipment they need on their trips.  

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