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Advance your skills online in the comfort of your own home

You can learn hundreds of great skills online to advance your career or business prospects.


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Whether you are technically inclined or not, these skills will give you the insights you need to push yourself forward, get a better job or promotion, or simply increase your income by offering useful online services.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO offers the very foundations for skyrocketing your revenues in every market. When you appear important in an online search versus paying to push the traffic there, customers are much more likely to buy from you. SEO is extremely complicated and nuanced, but if you master any of the skills that you can learn online today, it should certainly be this one.

2. Online marketing

It’s not all about SEO. This is about the basic principles which drive traffic through media like social media and advertising. Learn the online marketing mechanics and you’ll be able to drive considerable traffic and scale-out whatever company you want to build. This will also help you make money online, either through passive income or through active income.

3. Graphic design

Aesthetics are a major part of business and sales today. Through mastering the highly essential graphic design skills, you can grasp the fundamentals that make items more appealing, clickable and, thus, more sellable. Learning graphic design includes mastering programmes such as Photoshop, Illustrator and other common software allowing you to create beautiful visual designs. This will take some considerable practice, but in the end, this will be worth it.

4. Photography

Photography is packed with a variety of skills and complexities. You need to understand not just the art of photography itself, but also what to know about cameras, lenses, contextual settings and how to use photo editing software to enhance the image itself. You can use your photography skills to make money or by assisting others with event or portrait photography. Find a good course to learn this technique, and be prepared to buy a good camera and practise taking as many photos as possible.

5. Copywriting

Some of the top experts in the world are the best copywriters too. If you can write convincing copy that sells people whatever you’re peddling, you’re going to be much more likely to make the sale. Copywriting skills take time to develop, but they’re also one of the best skills you can learn. Use sites such as Udemy and Lynda to sign up for an online course where you can learn the fundamentals of this highly lucrative skill.

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