25 Absurd life hacks that are

25 Absurd life hacks that are simply hilarious [photos]

Some say if it works, it isn’t stupid?! Take a look at some totally absurd life hacks shared by social media users:

25 Absurd life hacks that are

It’s funny how people come up with life hacks that make no sense at all.

Social Media users have been busy sharing their absurd life hacks – which is solely for comedic purposes though.

Bored Panda compiled a pro-tip shit list of life hacks shared by users that are completely useless but funny none the less. So, whatever you do, do not try these hacks at home, since some are very dangerous. Rather, just have a laugh at the absurdity of it all.

It’s safe to say the following people shared some shitty, useless life hacks:

  1. Wait, what?!


2. How about a DIY project?

DIY nightlight
byu/Improbably_wrong inShittyLifeProTips

3. This is actually a good life hack:

Non-Smoker Hack

4. There’s some truth to this:

5. Popcorn as a smoke alarm:


6. Don’t do this!

If it works it isn’t stupid
byu/maharaja17 inShittyLifeProTips

7. And don’t do this!

When cutting bagels in half, put your finger through the stabilization hole to keep it steady.
byu/jaapgrolleman inShittyLifeProTips

8. That’s a good way to forget about your problems:

I love their new hit, misfiring cylinders
by inShittyLifeProTips

9. A Pro-tip:

Tested this: works well
byu/Boobooloo infunny

10. How to:

How to make your own quesadilla wallet in 3 super easy steps.
byu/notquitestrongbad inShittyLifeProTips

11. Thumbs up:

12. It’s as easy as that:

LPT: want to turn your drink into diet? No problem! Just push this button.
byu/osher32 inShittyLifeProTips

13. Another pro-tip:

LPT: If your phone screen is too small, put it in water. It will magnify the screen up to 200%!
by inShittyLifeProTips

14. How to save money:

15. Falling behind on chores have you like:

LifeProTip when you’re falling behind on chores.
byu/TheJoePilato infunny

16. R is definitely not for “Racing”:

Life is a highway
byu/gregthegregest inShittyLifeProTips

17. If it was that easy…

LPT: If you put your wipers up parking inspectors are unable to give you a ticket
byu/untitled02 inShittyLifeProTips

18. Cheap and fast:

Pre-sale preparation
byu/mike_pants infunny

19. SA motorists at their finest:

LPT: Having trouble finding a parking spot? Turn on your hazard lights to make yourself immune to traffic laws, then park wherever you want.
byu/jtumbaco5 inShittyLifeProTips

20. This guy just solved world hunger:

Simple tip to get free meals forever
byu/TheSlimyDog inShittyLifeProTips

21. You can start now:


22. Plant your hot dog seeds:

LPT: Fourth of July is less than a month away. Plant your hot dog seeds now to guarantee a healthy bounty for your backyard BBQ
byu/StupidLullabies inShittyLifeProTips

23. Very cool trick:

This tiny tool can make any pair of headphones wireless
byu/Evan_Giants inShittyLifeProTips

24. Start your day with a high five:


25. Living on a budget? Check this:

Throw it in a microwave and you won’t even be able to tell the difference
byu/190IQ_REDDIT_SAGE inShittyLifeProTips

Yeah, I don’t know about that.