5 of the strangest things you’

5 of the strangest things you’ll find in some of the world’s holiest places

Human bones, dead people and frozen frozen animals. Holy places can be totally inspiring, until you look a little closer.

5 of the strangest things you’

Ancient places of worship are some of the most magnificent structures in the world. Often, no expense at all has been spared. From the hand-masoned stone walls to the marble statues and the whopping chandeliers draping in each room; which is adorned with paintings of epic proportion done by the most famous artists of the time.

These places often leave your mouth dry with awe and your neck stiff from its upward gaze in wonder. While the people from these times were famed for their lavish tastes and gold inlays- they were also known for their rather peculiar tastes.

5 Unusual things

1. In the Vatican, in the Sala Degli Animali room, there are 150 statues of different animals. Each animal is found in a different pose, some are mythical creatures while others are real animals. These beautiful statues look like they’ve all been frozen in time.
Vatican 150 animalsImage source: International Travel Writers

2. The Sedlec Ossuary contains a chandelier made entirely of human bones. Yes. You read that correctly. In a small Roman Catholic church in the Czech republic, the remains of between 40,000 to 70,000 people were made into a chandelier after the plague. The entire buildings interior design is made up of human bones. This is possibly the most macabre place on earth! But the bone church is not set to scare, it reportedly serves as a firm reminder of how transitory our fleshy existence is- a good thing to keep in mind as we race along the South African roads this summer.

Skulls chandelier

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3. The beautiful Sala Ronda, is a room that represents the Greek Pantheon found in the Vatican. The room is filled with idols of the Greek gods, which they worshipped and believed. I imagine it is not used for the same purpose in the Vatican.

Sala roomImage Source: International travel writers

4. Self-mummified monks in Yamagata Japan. Found in temples around the country, this ritual of mummifying yourself was an honored tradition observed with great respect. Although seeing one of these might be a deeply creepy experience, it is a revered practice.

Mummified Monks

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5. A head and torso of Zeus. The Greeks worshipped Zeus as the father of heaven, he is the Greek equivalent of the Christian Lord. This statue is one of the Vatican’s most prized possessions. It was seized from Orticoli in Italy in the first century. Undoubtedly kept due to its worth being a small fortune.

Zeus of Ortoli

Image Source: International Travel Writers

Humans truly have the most creative ways of preserving their history.

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