30 hilarious Tweets that prove

30 hilarious Tweets that prove men never really grow up

Wife: What are you thinking about? Me: *pauses daydream about zombie ninjas fighting cyborg Nazis from the future* You.

30 hilarious Tweets that prove

Some men just don’t grow up – and we’ve got the Tweets to prove it.

We know by now that men are from Mars, but it seems married men are from a planet of their own. And a funny one, that is. They either entertain or annoy their better half, which is according to Twitter users, just hilarious.

Even if you’re not married, you’ll still appreciate these men winning at life and marriage!

  1. This is just too funny!

2. Saved by the kid…

3. When it’s not his turn:

4. When they take things too literally:

5. When they agree to keep the peace:

6. Never a dull moment:

7. Even at the therapist’s office:

8. Always doing what they’re not suppose to…

9. Because grown ups can do what they want:

10. How relevant…

11. When you can’t escape…

12. A valid reason:

13. *Singing*

14. *Don’t know what you’re talking about*

15. And it’s so smooth…

16. You’re not going to believe this…

17. When the wife sees the internet history:

18. When they are no help at all…


19. So annoying, man.

20. Close call!

21. The reality:

22. *Imagining this movie scene*

23. When they analyze children:

24. When they’re freaking out about their responsibilities…

25. Dammit, Karen!

26. They don’t always know what to say, but when they do…

27. As always…

28. Jeez, Karen!

29. *Karen rolls eyes*

30. ‘Do I really have to see your parents again this weekend?’