2024 SASSA grants

2024 SASSA grants: What each opposition party promises to do differently. Image: File/Fotor

2024 SASSA grants: What each party promises TO DO different

As 29 May’s General Election draws nearer, what is each major party’s stance on 2024 SASSA grants? Let’s elaborate …

2024 SASSA grants

2024 SASSA grants: What each opposition party promises to do differently. Image: File/Fotor

President Ramaphosa inferred earlier this year that 2024 SASSA grants would simply disappear if the ruling African National Congress was not reelected. Now, rather controversially, the R370 SASSA SRD grant appears to have been hastily increased as a way to win over contituants. But is there a better way to handle 2024 SASSA grants? We compare each major party’s stance on the matter …


2024 SASSA grants
The Democratic Alliance is in favour of 2024 SASSA grants, except doing them ‘right’ and focussing on childcare. Image: File

The Democratic Alliance’s (DA’s) Bridget Masango says, “Social grants are a constitutional right and any suggestion that the DA would take them away if elected is patently false and misleading.” Furthermore, the party’s ‘pro-poor policies’ will avoid cadre deployment and corruption by doing the following:

  • Audit social grant beneficiary databases to ensure that all beneficiaries are qualified.
  • Increase the child support grant to the food poverty line – currently R510 to R760 per month.
  • Extend the child grant to expectant mothers to ensure nutrition of unborn babies.
  • Extend the child support grant to beneficiaries until they obtain a National Senior Certificate.
  • Simplify and streamline social grant applications for the disabled.
  • Expand the zero-rated basket of food items to reduce food insecurity and poverty.


EFF nerve centre
Julius Malema talks from the party’s new National Operations Centre for the 2024 General Elections. Image: @EFFSouthAfrica

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have also rallied around the topic of 2024 SASSA grants and said they will double them if they come to power. Whether it’s simply pre-election grandstanding or not, Julius Malema says he will increase 2024 SASSA grants like so:

  • Older Persons Grant: R4 180 per month.
  • War Veterans Grant: R4 220 per month.
  • Disability Grant: R4 180 per month.
  • Care Dependency Grant: R4 180 per month.
  • Foster Child Grant: R2 260 per month.
  • Child Support Grant: R1 020 per month.
  • Grant-in-Aid Support: R1 020 per month.

Additionally, the EFF says it will start a R1 000 disbursement for matriculants without jobs and increase it incrementally for graduates with additional tertiary education. The EFF leader neglected to explain how his party would fund an estimated R500-billion social welfare bill should it double 2024 SASSA grants if it is elected.


Multi-party charter
Multi-Party Charter leaders on a mission to overthrow the ANC in the 2024 national elections. Photo: IFP/ Facebook

The Inkhata Freedom Party (IFP) says it will stick with 2024 SASSA grants and potentially increase them, although it does not specify by how much exactly. ActionSA and Rise Mzansi say they will expand 2024 SASSA grants, including a basic income grant, and introducing food stamps.

Currently, approximately 28-million needy South Africans rely on these relatively meagre South African Social Security Agency grants. Understandably, any new ruling party or coalition would face tremendous backlash should it suddenly move away from such an ingrained financial support structure.

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