20 times kids’ innocent antics

20 times kids’ innocent antics turned out just a little off-side [photos]


20 times kids’ innocent antics

Kids, hey! They do and come up with the weirdest things all for a brief moments’ entertainment. Sometimes, looking at kids’ innocent playtime through adult eyes can end up looking pretty different.

Thanks to Bored Panda who compiled a list of the funniest things kids have done – you’ll be cracking up all day! Enjoy!

  1. The best accidental photobomb…ever:
Best Accidental Photobomb Ever

2. At Disney, her daughter said “mom take a picture of me giving Rafiki a kiss”:

At Disney, daughter said "Mom take a picture of me giving Rafiki a kiss".

3. When they’re still learning to spell:

Cum In Her It Is Fun

4. He’s the boss, man:

Found My Son Sitting Like This Today

5.  That’s an egg tower, alright:

My Nephew Made An "Egg Tower" To Take To School For Easter

6. The heart wants what it wants and he wanted to be a dinosaur for Halloween.

My Little Brother Wanted To Be A Dinosaur For Halloween. I Think He's Doing It Right

7. This reddit user shared her story saying “my 8-week-old son always stares at my boobs after I get out of the shower. This was his expression this morning.”

8. “My girlfriends’ 6-year-old son started screaming ‘I found the golden ticket!’ repeatedly as he ran up to her holding this”:


9. “My son found my fishing rods”:


10. Well, that’s nice.


11. “My nephew got away from me at the thrift store today. I found him like this.”

My Nephew Got Away From Me At The Thrift Store Today. I Found Him Like This

12. Little Macy thought she’d found a new pink watch to wear.

Girl Finds ‘Cock Ring’ On Aunty's Bedside Table, Wears It Like A Bracelet

13. Yummy mummy:

Things Gone Wild

14. Some princess boob for the toddler:

My Friend's Kid Got Princess Boob At Every Meet And Greet

15. “My little sister (6) drew a picture of a shark on my dad’s head”:

My Little Sister (6) Drew A Picture Of A Shark On My Dad's Head

16. “Found this old photo of my little brother”:

Found This Old Photo Of My Little Brother

17. “She doesn’t understand why she can’t bring her jump rope to school tomorrow…”

She Doesn't Understand Why She Can't Bring Her Jump Rope To School Tomorrow

18. “My 4-year-old’s biscuit making! Nobody ate it, it just didn’t seem right”:

My 4 Year Olds Biscuit Making! Nobody Ate It, It Just Didn't Seem Right

19. “We went to a family day out at the local and there were face painters there. He asked for an elephant and this was what he got.”

We Went To A Family Day Out At The Local And There Were Face Painters There. He Asked For An Elephant And This Was What He Got

20. “So called ‘taco fish’ art project my daughter brought home.”

So Called "Taco Fish" Art Project My Daughter Brought Home