Watch: Trailers for the best A

Photo: Toorbos/Facebook

Watch: Trailers for the best Afrikaans movies ever made

Don’t know what to watch? Here are some of the best Afrikaans movie trailers ever made, including Toorbos, Atlantis, and more. Watch them here.

Watch: Trailers for the best A

Photo: Toorbos/Facebook

Don’t know what to watch?

We have that covered!

Classic shows like Vetkoek Paleis and 7de Laan are still available on YouTube. Afrikaans has also produced some great movies, including Pad Na Jou Hart and Atlantis.

There’s even something for drama and action fans.

Not sure what to watch or stream next?

Here are some of the best Afrikaans movies ever made.

Trailers for the best Afrikaans movies ever made

A movie trailer is a short preview or precusor, usually featuring its best scenes.

Good trailers have intrigue, action, and showcase what you can expect from the rest of the movie.

Sometimes the trailer is better than the movie. Sometimes the movie is better than its trailer.

We’ve looked around for some of the best Afrikaans movie trailers you can watch.

Pad Na Jou Hart

Pad Na Jou Hart is a classic roadtrip romance. The story’s characters meet, accidentally, on the open road. It’s a meeting of chance, and you can only imagine everything that happens next.

It stars two of 7de Laan’s most beloved actors, too.

We’re not saying which.

You’ll have to watch the trailer below.

No spoilers!

Subtitled for English viewers.

There’s also a book for readers.

Watch: Atlantis

Atlantis plays out in Cape Town’s ganglands, where a family is forced to confront their history and future. What happens when someone you love disappears into the fray? Could crime visit your doorstep?

You can see Atlantis on Showmax.

Watch the trailer below:

Watch: Poppie Nongena

Poppie Nongena is based on the eponymous novel by Elsa Joubert.

The book in turn is based on the story of Joubert’s housekeeper. Joubert turned her story into a novel, which was later adapted to film.

The drama takes place during the struggle.

This is the one if you’re looking for a great drama.

Recce: Trailer

Recce released in 2020.

The name ‘recce’ describes South Africa’s rare SANDF unit, which only took on the most apt soldiers.

It’s quite a daring drama for South African screens.

You can see the trailer below:

Watch: Toorbos

Toorbos adapts the famed Dalene Matthee novel into film.


The story takes place in the Knysna forest, following the ‘forest dwellers’.

Starring Stiaan Smith and Ira Blanckenberg.

Also subtitled for English viewers.

What’s your favourite?

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