Monday’s Episode of Scandal. Image credits: eTV

TONIGHT’S EPISODE: Scandal – Monday 12 July 2021 (E3864 S13)

Get to know what’s happening on tonight’s episode!


Monday’s Episode of Scandal. Image credits: eTV

Tonight’s episode of Scandal:

Mamba pushes Duma to become more like him, and is shocked at the result. Simo fights to stay in the game, but is he biting off more than he can chew? Zinzile makes contradicting statements to appease someone and reveal to another. 

Episode 3864, Season 13

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Things reach a boiling point as Mamba and Simo try to outsmart each other. An already divided family drifts further apart when a hidden secret is exposed. Nonzi’s game plan threatens to ruin two households.

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Scandal! is a South African television soap opera about the people who work for the fictitious newspaper based in Johannesburg (The Voice), with their pressurised deadlines and the chaos of breaking news.

The series first premiered on on Monday 10 January 2005, at 20h00.

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