'Smoke and Mirrors'

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ actors Meshack Magabane as Jaxon and Lusanda Mbane as Martha. Images via Twitter @etvSandM

‘Smoke and Mirrors’: Martha devastated by Jaxon’s death?

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ September teasers indicate that Martha’s lover and business partner Jaxon will get shot by Thandiswa.

'Smoke and Mirrors'

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ actors Meshack Magabane as Jaxon and Lusanda Mbane as Martha. Images via Twitter @etvSandM

Smoke and Mirrors Martha (Lusanda Mbane) will be heartbroken if Jaxon (Meshack Mavuso-Magabane) gets killed as he’s, her soulmate.

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Smoke and Mirrors actor Meshack Mavuso-Magabane may be leaving the e.tv telenovela in September as his villainous character Jaxon will get shot by Thandiswa (played by Ayanda Bandla).

Mavuso-Magabane’s character is currently involved with Martha and the pair are head over heels in love with each other.

Soapie fans predict Jaxon’s death will break Martha as this will be the second man she will lose after Samson (Linda Nkosi).

The TVSA September teasers indicate that Jaxon will die after Thandiswa shoots him and that Mthetho (Kabomo Vilakazi) will investigate his murder.

Thursday, 21 September teaser reads: “Caesar is shocked to learn Jaxon survived and that Sgwaca didn’t shoot him. Thandiswa grapples with guilt and also the fact that she lost the gun used to shoot Jaxon.”

Tuesday, 26 September teaser reads: “Mthetho has to catch Amos, the alleged assassin casting strong suspicion in Jaxon’s murder case.”

Wednesday, 20 September: “Jaxon gets shot. Could it be Caesar’s hitman, Sgwaca? Or Amos, who hides a gun in a hotel room?” 

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Jaxon is a mayor in the small mining town called Emnyameni and the most-hated character in e.tv telenovela Smoke and Mirrors.

He is hated by the community members after he switched off the water to score a tender worth a million rand.

His partner Caesar (Zolisa Xaluxa) threatened to end his life as he is not trusted by the “Unholy Trinity” trio and only cares about himself.

Caesar, Jaxon and Mtheo have no idea, who Thandiswa is and why she’s returned to Emnyameni town. They don’t realise she is related to Xoli, the girl they murdered as a sacrifice for their sangoma.

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