'Skeem Saam'

‘Skeem Saam’ actors Sello Maake KaNcube and Jean-Michel Tuji as Ntate Kganyago and Luc. Images via @SkeemSaam3

‘Skeem Saam’ fans: ‘Professor Campbell is Luc’

‘Skeem Saam’ viewers reckon Luc is pretending to be Professor Campbell, the fake Irish professor that was created by ‘Ntate Kganyago’.

'Skeem Saam'

‘Skeem Saam’ actors Sello Maake KaNcube and Jean-Michel Tuji as Ntate Kganyago and Luc. Images via @SkeemSaam3

Skeem Saam fans predict Ntate Kganyago is working with Luc (Jean-Michel Tuji Mukengeshayi) who is pretending to be the Irish Professor Campbell.  

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Luc is pretending to be Professor Campbell and is working with Ntate Kganyago, who Skeem Saam fans predict is lying about his identity. The pair is also trying to swindle money out of Lizzy’s mother Jacobeth Thobakgale.  

Kganyago had to get Luc to call John Maputla as he promised the University of Turfloop learners and Professor John Maputla contacts/network from Ireland.   

Ntate Kganyago is also trying to convince Jacobeth to leave her job as an educator so that he can get ahold of her retirement money Turf High.  

The TVSA December Tuesday 20 December teaser reads:  

“The chickens come home to roost for a certain swindler as the cops’ trail on him heats up.”  

Monday 26 December:  

“Kganyago disappears into thin air and brings a devastated Jacobeth to her knees.”    

The Skeem Saam December TVSA teasers indicate that Luc might kidnap Lizzy when she finds out that Ntate Kganyago is a scammer, who is after her mother Jacobeth’s retirement money.     

The teasers also indicate that Jacobeth will kick her daughter Lizzy out of her house thanks to Kganyago’s (Sello Maake KaNcube).    

Wednesday 7 December teaser reads:     

“Elizabeth thinks she’s finally going to nail Ntate Kganyago but things take an unexpected turn.”     

Wednesday 14 December teaser reveals:     

“Ntate Kganyago orders his accomplice to “take care” of a certain doctor.”     



“So prof is working with Luc They were In the same ward in that Eastern Cape article.”  


“Lol how much are you willing to bet that Luc was the one Prof Maputla called.”  


“After that article of Mohlaloga and Luc at the EC hospital I’m convinced that he’s an influencer of patients visiting all hospitals in South Africa and giving reviews.”  


“Tholukuthi the “supposed contact” from Ireland that Kganyago gave to Mr Maputla is Luc.”  


“So Ntate Kganyago was working with Luc all this time????? Since the beginning when they were in the hospital together?”  


“The one Maputla was reading online.. when he was researching about Kganyago.” 

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