'Skeem Saam'

‘Skeem Saam’ Melita seducing Mr Kgomo. Image via Facebook @MzansiWatch

‘Skeem Saam’ Spoiler: Paxton confronts Mr Kgomo about his affair

‘Skeem Saam’ March Teasers: Paxton will find out his father Mr Kgomo is having an affair with his receptionist Melita.

'Skeem Saam'

‘Skeem Saam’ Melita seducing Mr Kgomo. Image via Facebook @MzansiWatch

The Skeem Saam March teasers reveal that Mr Kgomo’s (Lebohang Elephant) son Paxton will find out about his affair with his receptionist Melita. The teasers also reveal that his wife Mrs Kgomo (Molobane Maja Mbatha) will confront him when rumours about his infidelity spread in Turfloop. 

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The TVSA Skeem Saam March teasers also indicate that Paxton’s (Thabiso Molokomme) father Mr Kgomo will lose his cool when Melita (Hellen Motsuki) cheats on him with a wealthy business from Polokwane. 

Wednesday 1 March:

“Pax connects the kind of dots that make Mr Kgomo freak out.”

Thursday 2 March

“Mr Kgomo is at loggerheads with his own son.”

The Monday 6 March teaser reveals that Mr Kgomo’s wife will confront him about his affair, and the pair will eventually make peace even after she finds a bra in his luggage. 

“Mrs Kgomo demands to know the truth from Mr Kgomo. “

Wednesday 22 March: 

“Mr Kgomo and Mrs Kgomo make peace.”

The teasers also reveal that rumours about his affair will spread like wildfire in Turfloop. We predict Meikie Maputla (whose husband John also had an affair with Melita) will spread the rumours as the teasers reveal that Kgomo will threaten to send her back to jail. 

Thursday 9 March

“Mr Kgomo is shaken by the rumours about him making the rounds, and threatens to send an ex-convict back to prison.”

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Mmabatho Shibise:

“He must fall for it…hook, line and sinker. Get caught and both of them get fired for misconduct or something along those lines. I want Mr Kgomo to suffer for all the pain his son caused other people and he chose to turn a blind eye.”

La-tau Nwayingwane Mclion:

“Mr kgomo will fall for it, I remember how he wanted Celia to sleep with him in order to help her husband.”

Rebecca Tsipa Tsipa:

“Taste Mr Kgomo now is the time she said she can do anything to protect her job.”

Tshoaedi Tshoaedi:

“Mr Kgomo is very conflicted within himself. His body is dictating terms….. a very deadly life trap.”

Mpho Pule:

“Let Mr Kgomo fall into that trap so Shoki can catch them in the act and fire both.”

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