Showmax gets Adult Swim refres

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Showmax gets Adult Swim refresh with new show ‘Lazor Wulf’

Introducing an all-new wolf pack! The animated series ‘Lazor Wulf’ is coming to Showmax’s Adult Swim corner this September.

Showmax gets Adult Swim refres

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The Adult Swim corner on Showmax will get some fresh content this September with the animated series, Lazor Wulf.

About Lazor Wulf

Created by Henry Bonsu in 2019, Lazor Wulf is an acid vision of friendship and modern life from an African-American perspective and follows a crafty wolf who carries a laser on his back. Lazor Wulf goes on a series of adventures with his carefree friends while hanging out at ‘The Clurb’, Esther’s and other neighbourhood hot spots.

Uniquely, Lazor Wulf features a predominantly black voice cast, which is still said to be a rarity in animation. The voice cast is led by rapper Vince Staples, whose work also includes songs for Black Panther, Creed and Power Rangers. The voice cast further includes Daniel Weidenfeld (China, IL), and Carl Jones (The Boondocks), JD Witherspoon, professional wrestler and American football player Ettore ‘Big E’ Ewen and Quinta Brunson (The Girl Who’s Never Been On A Nice Date).

During a recent press junket, Bonsu said that he basically grew up on Adult Swim, which is “your late-night home for animation and live-action comedy”. After his talent and love for animation got noticed from his original work on animated gifs, he went on to craft his skill and ultimately created his own animated show, Lazor Wulf,

“So, I mean, creating the show, everyone’s response was this is only going to work on adults. And funny enough, Adult Swim was exactly the first place I pitched to and they picked it up.”

Like no other show

When asked what he would like people to take away from watching this show, he said that style is important, but the cast and their voices ultimately brings it all to life.

“The voices to so many talented, talented voice actors on the show …they really bring this to life. I mean, the show is great, and I feel like fun to look at, but I feel like the voices. I stand by when I say, but it sounds like no other show.”

One of these voices includes JD Witherspoon, a stand-up comedian. actor and YouTuber who is the voice of Stupid Horse on Lazor Wulf. For JD, it’s been a cool experience.

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“It’s just been a really funny show…to be able to just give my own genuine type of unique, weird voice to and among, you know, Stupid Horse and a bunch of other characters,” JD told The South African. “I’ve been having a great time and I’m glad that I get to use my voice talents for such an obscure, funny, different type of show.”

‘A different taste of animation’

It seems the show has becomes quite popular as fans are already asking for season 2 of Lazor Wulf to drop. The good news is, JD has already recorded the audio.

“I think fans will have fun enjoying more of the same goofy 11 minutes of storylines that people aren’t usually getting. And I think that’s why it’s really impactful.”

Learning from observation

JD, who is also known as the son of the late actor-comedian John Witherspoon, also said that he takes everything he learnt from his dad and use it as positively as he can in his career. John’s most recognizable role was ‘Pops’, Ice Cube’s father in the comedy Friday.

“I appreciate him working so hard so I could learn from observation,” JD said further.

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