'Scandal!' actress Morjorie Langa as Gloria

‘Scandal!’ actress Morjorie Langa as Gloria. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

‘Scandal!’ Review: Will Gloria succeed in her war against the Kubekas?

Gloria will do anything to get her hands on the millions. She wants her boyfriend Caiphus to go jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

'Scandal!' actress Morjorie Langa as Gloria

‘Scandal!’ actress Morjorie Langa as Gloria. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

Viewers of e.tv’s soapie Scandal! were surprised to learn that Gloria (Marjorie Langa) is willing to do anything to get her hands on some millions of money.

She wouldn’t have an issue with the love of her life being send to jail as long she can get money.  

Her boyfriend Caiphus who works for the Kubekas revealed that Dudu Kubeka (Sihle Ndaba) requested him to lie to the cops.

Dudu wants Caiphus to take the fall as the truck driver that killed Quinton Nyathi (Brighton Ngoma) instead of her brother Zenzele Kubeka (Robert Mpisi).

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Dudu offered Caiphus (Michael Mabizela) R1.5 million if he admits to being the driver and another R1.5million when he gets out of jail.      

  • She also assured him that he will only be jailed for a maximum of six months, as her family knows a judge that could lessen his jail sentence.  
  • Caiphus’s girlfriend (Gloria) supported his decision to not take the offer in the beginning.
  • But she later changed her mind when she heard that there’s millions of money involved in the deal.  


Caiphus hasn’t informed her that he was offered another R1.5million when he gets out of jail.

  • Gloria has now begged Caiphus to take the offer as it will solve all their financial problems.  
  • When Caiphus refused to take the offer, she threatened to expose the Kubekas to Dintle Nyathi who is Quinton’s fiancée.
  • Viewers of the show are fearing for Gloria’s life as she has no idea how dangerous the Kubekas are.  
  • Gloria has been a fan-favourite on the popular soapie as she’s both entertaining and humourous. 
  • The new family lead by Fana Mokoena (Vukile Kubeka) isn’t who they appear to be.

They are charming on the outside with a healthy dose of humour, yet malicious with dark secrets that nobody knows about.

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