'Scandal!' actor Hungani Ndlovu

‘Scandal!’ actor Hungani Ndlovu as Romeo Medupe. Image via Instagram @hunganindlovu

‘Scandal!’ Spoiler: Grace and Xolile locate Romeo and Quinton returns

Romeo Medupe and Quinton Nyathi will make a surprise return to ‘Scandal!’ in August.

'Scandal!' actor Hungani Ndlovu

‘Scandal!’ actor Hungani Ndlovu as Romeo Medupe. Image via Instagram @hunganindlovu

Xolile (Sivenathi Mabuya) will receive news that Romeo Medupe (Hungani Ndlovu) actually only recently passed away despite them saying farewell to him at “his funeral” a year ago.

The news will spell trouble for Boniswa (Lusanda Mbane) and open a can of worms for the whole family. 

Boniswa and Romeo recap

Boniswa hired a hitman to kill Romeo and dispose of his body in a river. Romeo, however, survived the hit and Boniswa then ordered the hitman to replace his body with that of another dead man.

Boniswa and her daughter Xolile will both search for Romeo’s body on 17 August. Will they find him and the old man who rescued Romeo in the wilderness?


The teasers read: Grace and Xolile hear a voice from beyond the grave on 19 August.

  • This suggests that Romeo might have left some clue as to what happened to him or he’s back from the dead. 
  • There will be evidence pointing to a family member (Boniswa) on 20 August. 
  • Grace (Bathabile Mashigo) will also receive more information about Romeo from an anonymous source.

Boniswa’s hitman is the only one who knew about Romeo’s fake death and he will likely spill the beans on her.


Expect her to run from the law towards the end of the month.

  • According to the teasers, the chickens will come home to roost for Boniswa towards the end of August.
  • It looks like she won’t be running away from attempting to kill Romeo only. 

She will likely get away with Mamba’s (Simo Magwaza) millions, get away with killing Mamba and Gorbachev (Khulu Skenjana), and disappear from the face of the Earth.


The actress revealed that she is leaving the show after five years of playing the villainous Boniswa Langa.

The actress told Sowetan:

It has always been important to me to walk away while I am still on top.

I knew in my heart the day I walked into Scandal! studios for the first time in June 2016 that Boniswa would be a five-year journey.

It has come to pass. I leave Boniswa as a celebrated, powerful, undiluted villain.

This is the end of her journey and she will now remain only in my heart and she will continue to live through the millions of people who continue to give me the best Boniswa Langa quotes and impersonations every day.

I love you all.

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Brighton Ngoma, who plays the role of Quinton Nyathi, will return in August.

  • Viewers shouldn’t expect him to be the old Quinton though.
  • He will lose some of his memories and will somehow think he’s married to his baby mama Dintle Nyathi (Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong).
  • Dintle will take over Scandal News which will be devastating for Layla (Natasha Sutherland) as she doesn’t believe that Dintle is capable of running the company.

Quinton will regain his memory towards the end of August!

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