‘Muvhango’ Review: Why Tenda deserves Tshireletso’s wrath. Images via Twitter @MuvhangoSA

‘Muvhango’ Review: Why Tenda deserves Tshireletso’s wrath

Muvhango: Tshireletso is holding Tenda’s family hostage after he pinned Hulisani’s death on him and he’s now demanding R3million.


‘Muvhango’ Review: Why Tenda deserves Tshireletso’s wrath. Images via Twitter @MuvhangoSA

Muvhango fans are impressed with Tshireletso for taking a stand against his uncle – Tenda who murdered Hulisani.   

Tenda pinned Hulisani’s murder on Tshireletso in exchange for James and Imani’s freedom from jail.   

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Muvhango’s Tshireletso (Nay Maps) has taken back control from Tenda who instructed Moipone to lie about Hulisani’s murder.   

He’s holding Tenda’s whole family hostage in his house and is demanding R3million as ransom.  

Fans are saddened by Tshireletso’s change of character because he was finally living a clean life with Itseng and had a decent job at MMC.   

They’d hoped he and Itseng would get their happily-ever-after because they both didn’t have a good childhood growing up.  

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The TVSA March teasers reveal that Tenda will get his CEO position back at MMC after Tshireletso’s scandal with his family.   

The teasers also reveal that there will be shooting this Friday, 11 March though they don’t indicate whether Tshireletso is going to die or live.  

Tenda has KK’s majority shares at MMC and got fired after Moipone revealed that she saw him killing Hulisani.  

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Viewers are rooting for Mpho and Tenda’s downfall and want Mpho to divorce Tenda (Nathaniel Ramabulana). 

  • He’s proven time and time a gain that he’s a terrible father and husband.
  • But Mpho keeps forgiving him because she hopes he’ll change.  
  • Tenda is the reason that Mpho’s baby got kidnapped at the hospital after he was born.  
  • He’s also responsible for her losing her gift as a sangoma.  
  • He’s also the reason Mpho and her children are held at gunpoint by Tshireletso right now.  
  • Tenda has blood on his hands…he’s killed his own family and it’s only a matter of time until he turns the tables on Mpho.  
  • Viewers think Mpho’s (Azwimmbavhi Rambuda) life will be better off without him. 

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