LaConco accused of lying on ‘RHOD’. Image via @_laconco/Instagram

‘Misrepresentation of culture’: Experts slam LaConco’s ‘RHOD’ event

LaConco’s Isithebe Sezintombi event on ‘Real Housewives of Durban’ where she hosted maidens, has ruffled some feathers.


LaConco accused of lying on ‘RHOD’. Image via @_laconco/Instagram

Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco has been accused of misrepresenting culture after the 10th episode of Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) in which she was seen hosting and advising maidens.

According to cultural experts, a lot was wrong with the event she called “Isithebe Sezintombi” (A Table for Virgins). From the way she dressed to presenting the traditional beer to her guests, the reality TV star is said to have distorted the IsiZulu culture.

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University of KwaZulu-Natal lecturer Dr Gugu Mazibuko told Daily Sun that LaConco should not be the one hosting virgins, according to culture. 

“LaConco is the last person to host and teach virgins about life,” said the lecturer.

“LaConco can’t host and groom virgins about life or virginity because she’s not married and is not iqhikiza [a leader of the young maidens],” she continued.

The reality TV star was engaged to be married to former president Jacob Zuma and together they have a son. She confirmed on the first episode of RHOD season two that they were no longer together.

Further explaining culture, Mazibuko said that the entire event misrepresented culture because Isithebe Sezintombi does not exist solely as an event.

“In our culture, there’s no event called Isithebe Sezintombi. Isithebe Sezintombi is a portion of meat that is dedicated to the maidens at a traditional ceremony,” the lecturer further explained.

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At the event, LaConco wore a scarf across her chest, which, according to culture, is only worn by married women.

“Such a dress code is reserved for married women. Lastly, the traditional beer was not supposed to be brought to the women as it is symbolic and married women and maidens are not supposed to drink it,” Mazibuko said.

The UKZN lecturer believes that although the LaConco Naturals owner had good intentions, she must be stopped before she causes more damage. 

“Our culture is sacred. It is highly regarded and must be respected. LaConco might have good intentions but she distorted our culture and she needs to be stopped before she causes a lot of damage,” she said.

Another expert, Nokuzola Mndende of Icamagu Institute echoed the same sentiments.

“She is setting a bad example for virgins as she failed to keep her virginity. I’m worried about the parents who allow their daughters to participate in such an event.”