'Gomora' actor, Buyile Mdladla as Phumlani

‘Gomora’ actor, Buyile Mdladla as Phumlani. Image via Twitter @RealLwaziMsomi

‘Phumlani gives me the chills’: ‘Gomora’ viewers react to Thati’s new man

Phumlani shocked viewers last night (23 November) when he announced that he’s Buhle’s father.

'Gomora' actor, Buyile Mdladla as Phumlani

‘Gomora’ actor, Buyile Mdladla as Phumlani. Image via Twitter @RealLwaziMsomi

Gomora viewers are feeling uneasy about Thati’s brother-in-law, Phumlani who also claims to be Thati’s daughter’s (Buhle) biological father.   

Fans are wondering why he’s back in Thati’s life, why he never showed up at his brother, Bongeni’s (Themba Ndaba) funeral or his nephew, Langa’s (Siya Xaba) funeral.  


He and Thati gave viewers romantic vibes when they interacted with each other last night (23 November) and Phumlani was acting more like Thati’s former lover than her brother-in-law.   

Viewers were also puzzled by his behaviour towards Thati’s (Katlego Danke) former lover, Melusi (Zolisa Xaluva) last night (23 November).   

He bribed Bongani (Thulani Mtsweni) to find out what Thati has been doing since she arrived in Gomora and who she’s been seeing since her husband’s death.  

Fans of the show are now convinced that Phumlani is Buhle’s father after he donated thousands of rands to Gomora High and told Melusi that he’s Buhle’s father.   

Thati lied about Langa’s biological father before and believe Phumlani (Buyile Mdladla) is Buhle (Ama Qamata) father and not her late father, Bongeni.

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Phumlani won’t be on the show for long the show has a history of introducing one new male villain character after the other.  

  • Ernest Msibi played the villainous role of Mohato in season one and got killed by Thati. 
  • Then, we were introduced to another villainous role, Don, played by Israel Matseke-Zulu who got shot by Zodwa (Sannah Mchunu).   
  • The TVSA November and December teasers reveal that Phumlani is a stalker and a murderer.   
  • Viewers will see him threatening and killing anyone or any man that appears to be a threat to Thati.   
  • Thati will lose interest in Phumlani once she realises that he’s manipulative, obsessive, and a sociopath.  
  • He will also be forbidden from seeing his niece-daughter, Buhle in December by Thati.