Susan Mukwevho

‘They hate her’: ‘Muvhango’ fans lambast writers for making Susan a villain. Image via Twitter @MuvhangoSA

‘They hate her’: ‘Muvhango’ fans lambast writers for making Susan a villain

Viewers of SABC2’s Venda soapie ‘Muvhango’ are criticising the writers for not giving Susan her happily-ever-after.

Susan Mukwevho

‘They hate her’: ‘Muvhango’ fans lambast writers for making Susan a villain. Image via Twitter @MuvhangoSA

Viewers of SABC2’s longest-running soapie – Muvhango are unhappy with Susan’s storyline.  

Fans took to social media this week to criticise the writers for not giving Susan a happy ending and endlessly making her suffer.   

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Susan’s fans on Muvhango want her to get a break from her emotionally abusive family and husband – Azwindini.  

Fans of the show are exhausted with the writers for making Susan go through one heartbreak after the other.   

Azwindini’s ex-wife Mpho and his mistress Gugu exposed Susan for using muti on her husband – Azwindini to make him fall in love with her again.   

She did this after Azwindini filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage.   

He wanted to divorce her for Gugu and Susan couldn’t accept his decision.   

Azwindini’s mother – Vhakoma found her muti and informed the royal family who have now asked her to leave the royal house.  

Viewers feel that Susan deserves better than Azwindini and are demanding the writers to turn things around for her and give her a happily-ever-after.   

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“Mpho can’t even recognize her kid in her hands but she can dream of an ex being bewitched.”  


“Happily ever is with someone else period.”

“Chief does not deserve her loyalty.”


“Susana has been through a lot maan kwanele yoh #Muvhango must fall.”  


“I hate how Muvhango writers are doing to Suzan.”

“All these years she hasn’t been shinning, all the things she had to go through with Azwindini febing (cheating) on her, these writers though rhaaa!”


“Susan should’ve just left with her dignity intact sham.” 

“It’s too bad that women only leave when it’s too late.”  


“So Muvhango is so hard for u guys to have content where we can see Susan been happy for a month?”

“Or the best context for her is to always seeing her being in pain?”

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