'Skeem Saam'

‘Skeem Saam’ actors Clement Maosa and Amanda Manku. Image via Twitter

‘Hope they get married’: ‘Skeem Saam’ fans on Kwaito and Lizzy

‘Skeem Saam’ fans are hopeful fan-favourite couple, Kwaito and Lizzy’ will get married ‘as they are meant to be together’.

'Skeem Saam'

‘Skeem Saam’ actors Clement Maosa and Amanda Manku. Image via Twitter

Skeem Saam’ viewers took to social media this week to respond to Kwaito and Lizzy’s complicated relationship after the duo broke up two years ago.

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Viewers of the educational soapie are not surprised that Lizzy rejected Kwaito on Wednesday, 9 August episode after he cheated on her with Glenda (Nozi Langa).

In tonight’s episode, Lizzy broke his heart when she revealed that she’s not looking for a man right now and added “especially not him” when he enquired about her relationship status.

While some fans hope the pair repair their broken relationship, others feel that Lizzy is too good for Kwaito and he’s going to break her heart again if she gives him a second chance.

The TVSA Skeem Saam August teasers reveal that Kwaito Seakamela (Clement Maosa) and Lizzy Thobakgale (Amanda Manku) might resume their relationship again.

Monday, 14 August: “Kwaito bares his heart to Lizzy leaving her shocked.”

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@MarshenK: “Soons as Lizzy agrees to go back with him, he will get another girlfriend.”

@KemongKesler: “You could see the pain in his eyes and then Lizzy laughing to make It worse.”

@MphoManyama: “I hope this time is forever and they get married and have kids.”

@MajamaOlebogeng: “The guy is trying to take the love back I will wait to see what will happen next.”

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