Libo and Themba

Libo is confident he will beat Themba in the ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ season 3 finale to win the R2 million grand prize. Image via @BBMzansiGallery/Twitter

#BBMzansi strategy: Libo sees Themba the Ghost as ‘weak opponent’

Game plan: Libo confessed he chose Themba as his deputy because he is confident he would beat him in the ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ finale.

Libo and Themba

Libo is confident he will beat Themba in the ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ season 3 finale to win the R2 million grand prize. Image via @BBMzansiGallery/Twitter

This week Monday, Libo won the Head of House (HOH) challenge in the Big Brother Mzansi house for the first time since the show started on 23 January. Upon winning, he chose fellow housemate Themba as his deputy head of house (DHOH) and he explained why in his diary session.

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We are now in week 7 of the Big Brother Mzansi 2022 and things are getting more interesting by the day. With only 10 housemates left and another  live eviction coming up this Sunday 13 March, housemates are digging deeper into their strategies.

One such housemate is Libo who won the HOH challenge for the first time this Monday 7 March.

The challenge saw housemates transporting water from a mason jar to a jug with food colouring. Housemates were tasked to fill the jugs as much as possible (one spoon at a time) without staining the white paper towels or moving the mason jars. Another important rule was that they ensure they stay behind the white line while doing this.

When all was said and done, Libo came out victorious, therefore being crowned the new head of house. 

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After winning the challenge,  Libo chose his deputy head of house in Themba. However, his reason for doing so were a bit strange as everyone expected him to choose his buddy Tulz. The rules are that both HoH and deputy HoH are immune from eviction during that week.

Explaining his decision to Biggie in the diary room, Libo said he feels confident that saving Themba will make it that much easier for him to win the R2 million grand prize come finale day.

“I saved Themba and chose him as my deputy head of house only because I’m confident if we are both in the Finale together, I will stand a better chance of winning the R2m.

– A Twitter user quoted Libo as saying

Of course this did not sit well with Themba’s fanbase who call themselves “Ghost Nation”. Chiming in, they said that Libo is too ambitious and he is a daydreamer.


This week, Gash1, Nale, Thato, Venus and Mphowabadimo are up for possible eviction. This after Libo saved his friend Tulz, and replaced him with Nale.

This means that Libo, Themba, Tulz, Terry and Sis Tamera are safe this week.

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