International Animation Day: D

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International Animation Day: DStv celebrates the art of animation

International Animation Day recognises and celebrates the artists, the scientists and the technicians behind animated art.

International Animation Day: D

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28 October is International Animation Day, a day when the world celebrates the magnificent art of telling stories through moving images. Animation has been around for over 100 years now (since 1892) and has produced timeless icons such as Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry and Bart Simpson. Celebrated since 2002, it is a day when animators are celebrated for the fun entertainment they’ve brought us over the years.

The first-ever animated film was created by French artist Émile Cohl. Cohl created Fantasmagorie using what came to be known as traditional animation methods in 1908. Animation has evolved significantly from the time of Fantasmagorie, modern animated series and movies are created by using computer-generated imagery (CGI) and thankfully the new way of creating animations is filled with colour.

DStv says, “Animation is loved by South African audiences of all ages – the young and the young at heart! Our channels partner with some of the world’s best animation studios – from DreamWorks and Disney to Warner Bros and Blue Sky Studios – to ensure we bring our subscribers the very best in animation.”

DStv adds that the list of popular animated shows was endless but some stand-out favourites among South Africans were South Park, The Simpsons, Regular Show, My Little Pony, Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig are timeless favourites. “Locally Jabu’s Jungle and Supa Strikers are huge crowd-pleasers.”

DStv’s Cartoon Network (Channel 301) was one of the very first channels available to subscribers about 25 years ago when the broadcast satellite service was introduced. Cartoon Network has been home to a steady flow of loveable (and less loveable) characters and DStv has since grown to have the largest selection of animation in Africa.

International Animation Day 2020

In honour of International Animation Day 2020, here are some of DStv’s top animated choices:

SpongeBob SquarePants

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Having first aired in May 1999, this American animated series follows a yellow sponge aptly named SpongeBob as he and his friends embark on various undersea adventures in Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob Squarepants can be watched on DStv’s NickTOONs (Channel 308) as well as Nickelodeon (Channel 305).

Adventure Time

Adventure Time sees Jake the dog and Finn the Human on their adventures in the Land of Ooo. Attempting to right the wrongs of evil within the land, often in the form of the Ice King in search of a wife, these two often make things worse before they make them better. Adventure Time airs on DStv’s Cartoon Network (Channel 301) at various times throughout this month

Apple & Onion

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Main characters Apple and Onion live in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic food. A pair of childlike newcomers to the big city, Apple and Onion attempt to fit in to their new surroundings while undergoing challenges faced with friends and other scenarios. You can watch Apple & Onion on DStv’s Cartoon Network (Channel 301).

The Simpsons

This beloved animated series follows the Simpson family namely Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie in their wildly dysfunctional life in Springfield. Currently in season 37 of the show, The Simpson family can be enjoyed by watching DStv’s FOX (Channel 125).

American Dad!

This animated sitcom sees the Smith Family which consists of four members including a freaky goldfish that has the mind of a German football player and an alien. Smith, along with the CIA, tries to save America from every threat that comes its way. You can watch episodes of American Dad! on DStv’s FOX (Channel 125) throughout the month.

Family Guy

Another Seth MacFarlane’s creation, Family Guy centers around Peter Griffin and his family with two teenagers, a smart dog, a devilish baby and his wife. You can watch this animated series by tuning into DStv’s FOX (Channel 125).

The Amazing world of Gumball

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This comedic animated series follows Gumball Watterson, a young cat who is known for getting into trouble. Gumball’s best friend is a fish named Darwin, who used to be the family pet until he grew legs and became part of the family. Catch up on Gumball’s shenanigans by tuning into Cartoon Network (Channel 301).

Regular Show

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A blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby work as groundskeepers at a local park and get into adventures by trying to slack off. Regular Show airs daily on DStv’s Cartoon Network (Channel 301).

Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb have 104 days of summer vacation, and they embark on various adventures while trying to keep their sister from interfering with their plans – sound a bit like lockdown? Phineas and Ferb airs daily on

DStv’s Disney (Channel 303).

DStv’s animated channels can be enjoyed on decoder or by streaming them from the DStv app. To find out exactly when these and other animated series airs you can head to DStv’s TV Guide and indulge in your favourite animated series and movies.