‘Skeem Saam’ viewers want the new version of Lelo (Khwezi) to exit the show and leave Pretty alone. Image via Twitter @SkeemSaam3

‘Hands off Pretty’: #SkeemSaam reacts to new version of Lelo – Khwezi

Viewers of ‘Skeem Saam’ want Khwezi to let Pretty go and want her to exit the show as she reminds them of Lelo Mthiyane.


‘Skeem Saam’ viewers want the new version of Lelo (Khwezi) to exit the show and leave Pretty alone. Image via Twitter @SkeemSaam3

Skeem Saam audiences are fed up with Lelo’s doppelganger – Khwezi and want her to leave Pretty and exit the educational soapie.   

The last straw for viewers was when Khwezi kidnapped Pretty on Tuesday night’s episode (11 January)  

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Fans of SABC1’s educational soapie – Skeem Saam is exhausted with Lehas’s girlfriend – Khwezi who abducted Pretty.  

  • Viewers are protective of Pretty and want Khwezi to release her because she’s innocent.  
  • #SkeemSaam is comparing Khwezi to Lelo Mthiyane who also dated Lehasa (Cedric Fourie).  
  • Khwezi was sent by the Maphosas to deliver an apology letter to the Seakamales for Lehasa’s behaviour.   
  • Lehasa rejected Pretty’s family when they announced that she was pregnant with his baby.   
  • She is furious with the Seakamales for not informing the Maphosas that Pretty had an abortion.  

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Khwezi has proved that she’s not the right woman for Lehasa just like his villainous ex-girlfriend Lelo Mthiyane.  

  • It appears that actress Amanda du-Pont ( Lelo) has been replaced with Samukele Mkhize’s character – Khwezi.   
  • Lehasa regrets rejecting the Seakamelas and knows that Pretty (Lerato Marabe) would’ve been a great mother to his baby.   
  • Pretty and Lehasa were the opposite of each other as she is sweet, innocent while Lehasa is psychotic and manipulative.  

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“#Khwezi is one of the worst actresses to ever be on TV! Please take her back to Natal.”


“#Khwezi is so boring #SkeemSaam bring back Maputla family This show is so boring.” 


“#SkeemSaam I wouldn’t be surprised if Khwezi puts Pretty in a purse and leaves with her.” 


“Hayi shame Lehasa surely knows how to pick them.”  


I’m so angry at her storyline I’ve lost interest in Skeem Saam  


“Nkare ke Lelo reloaded.” 

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