Melusi and Thati

Will ‘Gomora’s’ Thati marry Phumlani when she learns that he tried to kill Melusi?. Image via Twitter @MzansiMagic

‘Gomora’ Review: Will Thati marry Phumlani when she learns who he is?

Phumlani will attempt to kill Melusi again when he finds out that he and Thati kissed. Will Thati still marry him when she finds out?

Melusi and Thati

Will ‘Gomora’s’ Thati marry Phumlani when she learns that he tried to kill Melusi?. Image via Twitter @MzansiMagic

Thati from Gomora is about to discover who is the real Phumlani before she walks down the aisle with him.   

Will she choose Melusi who broke her heart before or will she marry Phumlani (Buyile Mdladla)?  

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Thati will realise on her wedding day that Phumlani is the one who attempted to kill Melusi not once but twice in Gomora.  

Phumlani recently found messages between Melusi and Thati which revealed that they kissed.   

He is going to feel betrayed by Thati (Katlego Danke) and will attempt to kill Melusi again.   

The Mzansi Magic teaser for this week reveals that Phumlani is going to hire Sdumo to kill Melusi.   

Only Melusi (Zolisa Xaluva) won’t die but only get hurt and survive his injuries.   

Thati will have to choose between Phumlani and Melusi at some point and her choice will either leave Buhle heartbroken or herself.  

Her choice will also affect Melusi’s wife – Gladys and his son –Ntokozo.   


Phumlani Ndaba is not only Thati’s fiance but also her brother-in-law as she was married to his late brother in season one.   

He came out from nowhere and charmed his way into Thathi’s heart within a short space of time.   

He is rushing to marry Thati who has no idea where he comes from, or what he does for a living. also highlights the fact that he’s always speaking to a mysterious person on the phone and updating him/her.   

There’s not much information on him except the fact that he’s in a hurry to make Thati his wife.  

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Gladys (Thembi Seete) promised Melusi that she will divorce him if he cheats on her with Thati again.  

The latest Gomora episodes reveal that Melusi still has feelings for Thati and that he’ll break his wife’s heart again.   

Melusi seems ready to live with the consequences of his actions and doesn’t seem happy with Gladys. 

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