Lerato Moloka

‘Gomora’ star Lerato Mokoka reveals why she left mining for acting. Image via Twitter @Zickiie_s

‘Gomora’ star Lerato Mokoka chats about her acting break as Tshiamo

Actress Lerato Mokoka – who plays Tshiamo in ‘Gomora’ chats about her role on the show and her previous life in mining.

Lerato Moloka

‘Gomora’ star Lerato Mokoka reveals why she left mining for acting. Image via Twitter @Zickiie_s

Rising star Lerato Mokoka – who plays a teenage girl – Tshiamo in Gomora recently opened up about her upbringing in Rustenburg, her previous role in mining, and her screenwriting and director talents on her new short film.  

Mokoka also chats with Sowetan about life behind the scenes of the Mzansi Magic telenovela.   

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Gomora actor Lerato Mokoka talks about her big break in the acting industry, playing the sweet teenager – Tshiamo, life behind the camera, and leaving mining.   

Mokoka scored her first acting in Gomora, gave her audition her all then received the message to come for a fitting.  

“I only then realised how much of a big deal being on the show was.”

“I saw all the producers I look up to, the actors I grew up watching on TV like Kaatlego Danke, Mam Connie Chiume, and Thembi Seete.”  

She adds that she’s always wanted to be in the film industry and eventually did a course at AFDA (the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performances) and is now a qualified director and a screenwriter.     

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It took a lot for the actress’ family to come to terms with her on-screen life as she worked in mining and had a stable life before acting.   

“It only sunk in how big a deal this was after people started calling and telling my parents that they see me on TV…. that’s when they realised how serious I was about this acting thing.  

However, I think they’re still adjusting to me being on television.  

She enjoys her set chemistry with Ama Qamata – who plays the character of Buhle on the show.   

“She was actually the first person to make me get comfortable with my character and some scene.”  

She’s looking forward to doing more behind-the-scenes work and is premiering her first short film The Budding next month (March).  

“It’s an odd piece about love but not the kind of love that you might think of.” 

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