'Scandal!' actor Patrick Mofokeng as Mlungisi Ngema

‘Scandal!’ actor Patrick Mofokeng as Mlungisi Ngema. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

Déjà vu: Will Scandal!’s Mlungisi resurrect from the dead like Romeo?

Patrick Mofokeng’s character Mlungisi Ngema is the second character to disappear at the river.

'Scandal!' actor Patrick Mofokeng as Mlungisi Ngema

‘Scandal!’ actor Patrick Mofokeng as Mlungisi Ngema. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

It is not a coincidence that Mlungisi Ngema (Patrick Mofokeng) died at the river like Romeo Medupe (Hungani Ndlovu).

  • The writers seem obsessed with killing characters at the river and planned Patrick Mofokeng exit to the tee.
  • Viewers last saw Mlungisi at the river with his soon-to-be son-in-law  Nhlamulo (Matthews Rantsoma).
  • The pair wrestled for Nhlamulo’s bag until Mlungisi fell, hit his head on the rock, and died.
  • He was convinced that his daughter’s fiancé was scamming Lindiwe and he didn’t approve of their wedding.

Turns out he was right because Nhlamulo was hiding a lot of money in his bag which only he and Lindiwe knew about.

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Lindiwe (Nomvelo Makhanya) confirmed his death when she saw him by the river and insisted her fiancé not call the police because he just got released from jail.

  • She chose her fiancé over her dead father because her father wasn’t innocent either.
  • When they came back to the river after their wedding, Mlungisi was nowhere to be found.
  • They assume he floated in the river and are now praying that he’ll be found soon so that they can bury him and continue with their lives.
  • His disappearance is just another dragged exit by the writers who want to keep viewers guessing.


It is unlikely that Mofokeng will resurrect from the dead like his former co-star Hungani Ndlovu who exited the show last year.

  • The actor confirmed his exit with Sowetan earlier this year (March 2021) to star in a new telenovela Linganishoni on 1Magic.
  • He’s been playing the role of Mlungisi Ngema for almost a decade and simply needed a fresh start.
  • #etvScandal on Twitter predicts that his on-screen wife Zinzile (Gcina Nkosi) will move on with Neo Mokgethi (Dr Jerry Mofokeng Wa Makhetha) once she discovers what happened to him.
  • Zinzile cheated on Mlungisi before with Neo and she might still have feelings for him.

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