'Skeem Saam'

Cornet Mamabolo as Lerumo in ‘The River’ and Tbose Maputla in ‘Skeem Saam’. Images via Twitter @SkeemSaam3 and @1MagicTV

Spoiler: Is Cornet Mamabolo returning to ‘Skeem Saam’ as Tbose?

‘A prodigal son returns home’: Will actor Cornet Mamabolo, who exited ‘The River’ as Lerumo return to ‘Skeem Saam’ as Tbose Maputla?

'Skeem Saam'

Cornet Mamabolo as Lerumo in ‘The River’ and Tbose Maputla in ‘Skeem Saam’. Images via Twitter @SkeemSaam3 and @1MagicTV

Talented actor Cornet Mamabolo, who exited The River as Lerumo might possibly return to Skeem Saam as Thabo “Tbose” Maputla.  

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The Skeem Saam actor Cornet Mamabolo told Sunday World that he felt blessed to have told the story of Lerumo in The River and brought the character to life.    

“Lerumo was that role that I knew I had to fall in love within order for the audience to genuinely hate. It’s one of those roles that if the audience really loves you for it then it simply means you have done a bad job as an actor. It’s a role that is exciting for an actor but distasteful for the audience,” he wrote.    

The actor and businessman added he was also grateful to the production company, and the directors that helped him with choices for the role.    

He also thanked the actors from the telenovela The River that made it easy for him to understand the world of the show.   

The TVSA January teasers reveal that a prodigal son will return home on Tuesday, 3 January but do not reveal whether it’s Mamabolo or his on-screen brother Eric Macheru, who plays Leeto Maputla. 

“A prodigal son returns home and reconciles with his parents”.  

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“Taking Lerumo’s character was the best thing Cornet could do for his career. He KILLED it!! It was enough to break him away from Tbose Maputla.”


“I was so looking forward to seeing Khabzela’s reaction to his brother being the killer, kodwa dololo.”


“I personally feel like Lerumo had it easy…his exit didn’t deserve to be this smooth…ma’am Flora le Khabzela ha ha kae we need their reactions bathong.”


“This whole scene where Lerumo is taking Beauty is so unrealistic bandla. They didn’t even try.”

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Mamabolo as Tbose. Image via Twitter @SkeemSaam3