'Gomora' actress Ama Qamata as Buhle

‘Gomora’ actress Ama Qamata as Buhle. Image via Twitter @nkosanap

‘Blood and Water’ actress Ama Qamata has returned to ‘Gomora’ as Buhle

The actress returned to ‘Gomora’ this week where she plays the role of Katlego Danke’s on-screen daughter Buhle Ndaba.

'Gomora' actress Ama Qamata as Buhle

‘Gomora’ actress Ama Qamata as Buhle. Image via Twitter @nkosanap

Blood and Water actress Ama Qamata who plays the role of Buhle Ndaba on DStv’s most-watched show Gomora has returned to the show.

This after the actress announced her departure from the show in 2020 to shoot Blood and Water season two.

Qamata has wrapped up shooting the Netflix hit series season two and is now ready to return to Gomora High.

Netflix also took to its social media accounts to announce the official release date for season two of the hit series last month (23 August).


On Gomora, Buhle exited the show to live with her paternal grandparents after finding out that her grandmother (Connie Chiume) is living a double life.

Qamata also made a short appearance at the beginning of season two of Gomora when her brother Langa (Siya Xaba) was killed and left again after his burial.

Her character Buhle and her mother Thati (Katlego Danke) asked principal Melusi Dlamini (Zolisa Xaluva) of Gomora High for re-admission this week (6 September).

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She was romantically involved with her late brother’s half-brother Ntokozo played by Ntobeko Shishi.

The two broke up after her mother revealed that Langa and Ntokozo are Melusi’s sons.

It is unclear if she will be friends or rivals with the latest addition to the show Sibongile played by Nandipa Khubone.

Khubone is Don’s (Israel Matseke Zulu) daughter and Zodwa’s (Sana Mchunu) step-daughter.

Blood and Water season two will officially premiere on Netflix on Heritage Day (24 September 2021).

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