prison journalism-

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Prison Journalism: Life through the eyes of a former inmate and member of society

Within captivity’s grasp, a saying goes:
“They say the prison never stays the same,
And that change comes like the swift change of a heartbeat.”
That’s why one should always be observant about everything!
Kind of funny, sounds like life in general.

prison journalism-

Image via Emiliano Bar

I do not believe it is the intention of any child growing up to find themselves locked up.
It is all about wrong choices, and not being equipped with the right tools.
Most incidents forced them to join gangs because it seemed like the only way to keep their families safe and provide!
The reasons behind making that critical choice that may lead one down the wrong path are endless.

I know saying this may be crazy, but I actually am grateful for all those whom I had the privilege of learning from when I was incarcerated.
I am not perfect, and I still do make mistakes.
Yet every night I take a look at the day’s happenings and analyze what I would have done differently,
And how I should handle things if I should ever face them again.

Role models are what is needed in this life,
And awareness of positive directions.
The youth and communities can direct their energies in the right direction,
Teaching the community how to take control of their emotions.
Seeing, most crimes happen when we lose our heads;
Losing control of emotions is one of the main reasons when it comes to falling short,
And finding oneself locked up!

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