How I See the World to How the World Sees Me

How I See the World to How the World Sees Me
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Prison Journalism: How I see the world to how the world sees me

Wesley Leong was incarcerated at the age of 15 in 1996 at Pollsmoor Prison. He is currently part of Restore’s research and reintegration project.

How I See the World to How the World Sees Me

How I See the World to How the World Sees Me
Image via Pexels

There is a saying that goes, “Your perception of who you think I am is not who I actually am.” Eight out of ten times, what you think a person is all about is completely incorrect. Until you have walked in that person’s shoes, you will have no idea of who that person really is.

Why do we do this?

So many factors have been put into place by a system, designed by those who are in control and have power over another, have been used for us to believe what they want you to think and adhere to. Everything has been labelled to define and allowing this to be the perspective of our lives today.

How a Gangster and Ex-Offender Also Has These Labels

Society, as we know it today, has a system designed to label ex-gangsters and offenders in a manner to make you believe all the perspectives you understand to believe is correct. On the surface, this may be true, but sadly, this is incorrect. Labels such as dangerous, cold-hearted, jail-bound, etc., allow you to make your assumption of who they are, but believe me, there are many reformed gangsters and ex-offenders that are major pillars in society today that make change for the better.

World and How This System Has to Be Removed

This system of power in society today has to be removed, and a change needs to be instilled and replaced by. How do we accomplish such a daunting task? You need to inform and educate one another and help the people in your daily lives to be made aware of this power and control over all of us, or it will continue to be so until the very end of time.

Imagine if This Was Possible

Take a second to take it all in and open your mind to your own imagination. For example, imagine if you were made to believe that ex-gangsters and ex-offenders were reformed and changed in their ways. Accepted and supported by society. Coming out of incarceration and correcting the wrongs they did. Now, would your perception of who an ex-gangster was meant to be labelled and believed to be – think about it.

A New System in Place

Imagine the community you live in, society, and the people around you were made aware of this power of control and accepted the change of perception. So many people in society would be able to benefit from this; poverty would be no more, crime and violence would be no more, violence against women and children also would be no more. As our very own perception would have changed towards the way we see things, awakening to the system of labels designed to make you truly aware. Things would be completely different; the world as we know it would be different as a system of change will be in place.

So, the next time you make assumptions of who or what things really are about, take time to consider what I would like you to understand from my article. Dig deep, look harder, be completely open-minded before you do what the system today has made you believe is correct and accepted today.

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