Wiseman Mncube

‘Uzalo’ and ‘The Wife’ actor Wiseman Mncube. Image via Twitter @Phil_Mphela

‘The Wife’ actor Wiseman Mncube releases amapiano track

‘Uzalo’ actor Wiseman Mncube, who plays Mqhele Zulu in ‘The Wife; has released an amapiano song titled ‘Ngisho’.

Wiseman Mncube

‘Uzalo’ and ‘The Wife’ actor Wiseman Mncube. Image via Twitter @Phil_Mphela

Uzalo and The Wife actor Wiseman Mncube has released an amapiano song titled Ngisho.    

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The popular actor Wiseman Mncube, who plays Sbonelo in Uzalo and Mqhele Zulu in The Wife released an amapiano song Ngisho in collaboration with Mnqobi Yazo and Em Soul.  

Mncube assured fans in his Daily Sun interview that the song will be a hit this festive season.   

“We recorded this song not specifically for December. But we all know that December is full of vibe and happiness. The only thing that people need in that month is entertainment and happiness. They celebrate the gift of life and achievements. That’s why I’m saying that this song is one of the songs that will be enjoyed this festive season.”  

The star also revealed in his interview that he loves acting and music though they play different roles.  

“Music plays an important part in every human being. If we are happy, we play music, the same thing applies when we are sad or heartbroken. That’s what I love about music. It accommodates every condition and atmosphere. To some, it plays a role of therapy while some play a role of celebration.”     


The talented actor Wiseman Ncube, who’s been playing the villainous role of Sibonelo in Uzalo for several seasons has taken a break from the soapie to film Bomb Productions’ series Shaka Ilembe.  

Stained Glass TV which produces The Wife also confirmed in August in a Drum Magazine interview that Bonko Khoza, who played the first Mqhele Zulu has exited the telenovela.  

“Stained Glass, the production company behind The Wife, has confirmed that Bonko Khoza, who played Mqhele in the first two seasons, isn’t returning in Season 3 of the record-breaking, Twitter-topping Showmax Original telenovela. They’re currently casting for his replacement.”    

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela revealed in August that award-winning actor Bonko Khoza has been replaced with actor Wiseman Mncube.

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