Nasty C

Rapper Nasty C. Image via Instagram @nasty_csa

Latest: New SA song releases to hear this week!

What latest South African music are you listening to this week? Here are some suggestions for great tracks to keep you grooving through.

Nasty C

Rapper Nasty C. Image via Instagram @nasty_csa

Latest news from the music industry says there’s a lot of cool stuff to listen to this week. From amapiano beats to classic guitar-driven rock, there’s something for everyone to put on while they’re making it through their day. What’s the latest SA release you’re listening to right now?

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Here are four great local tracks to keep you grooving for the rest of the week.

Isibusiso: Kabza De Small

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The latest release from the King of Amapiano has amassed 5.8k views in just one month.

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Listeners might already be familiar with Kabza through songs like Hello. Born in 1992, Kabelo Motha has been entertaining us with his amapiano beats for years – and he has 1.7 million monthy listeners according to his Spotify account!

The latest track’s title according to WordHippo means “blessing” in isiZulu.

Overcoated: Jean Morrison

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Jean Morrison was first spotted by Farryl Purkiss, and debuted his first E.P. in Kwazulu-Natal. His song Cardboard Skies reached number 18 on the US iTunes chart in 2015, and since then he’s brought back the band for a comeback with the latest song.

Overcoated has been live on his channel for one month, bringing back the guitar solo.

Endless: Nasty C

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Nasty C is one of the country’s latest rap sensations, only releasing his debut Bad Hair in 2016. He’s become famous on the hip-hop scene, so famous that Big Zulu even included a diss to the artist in his track 150 Bars!

Endless was released just one month ago. The video has already topped more than 1 million hits!              

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Is his talent as Endless as the song suggests?

Let’s see if he’s still rapping at age fifty, like Eminem.

I’ll Be There: DJ Sbu

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DJ Sbu was born in 1977, studying sound engineering and electrical engineering as a beginning to his career. After a brief break from making music, he’s brought his beats back to our speakers with the song I’ll Be There.

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Since its release, it has already topped the latest local radio charts as reported by The South African website.

It’s a pretty great track for a comeback!