Jolly B

Jolly B is a South African born rapper who fuses Spitori and UK drill. Image via Twitter @jollybofficial

Jolly B: Meet the SA rapper fusing ‘Spitori’ with UK drill [watch]

‘So smooth’: Jolly B effortlessly fused ‘Spitori’ and the UK’s drill genre on his hip-hop single ‘Patience’. Take a look…

Jolly B

Jolly B is a South African born rapper who fuses Spitori and UK drill. Image via Twitter @jollybofficial

For over a decade, South African hip-hop has always had its own unique sound. Rapper Jolly B stunned Mzansi when he fused Spitori (spoken by Pretoria residents) and the United Kingdom’s drill sound for his track Patience

The rapper who currently lives in the United Kingdom says the move from South Africa to the UK influenced the way he dresses and his musical choices. 


Kabelo Monyebudi aka Jolly B blew Twitter away after a producer shared a clip of the rapper’s single Patience. In the single, Jolly B effortlessly fuses Spitori and the UK’s drill genre making it quite the experience. 

The 26-year-old rapper was praised for his rapping skills and being able to switch between Spitori and English in the track.  

One tweep wrote: “I’ve never heard someone speak/rap Spiroti so smooth.”

“I never in a million years could’ve imagined Spitori on drill and it sounds so lit.” 

Another tweep wrote: “Spitori drill is not something I ever thought I would hear.”


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Speaking to The Citizen, Jolly B shared that his family moved from South Africa to the UK when he was 11. His streetwear was influenced by the pantsula and kwaito genres but switched to hip-hop after the move. 

The rapper wrote Patience during his time in prison. “I would write so much inside that I would be scared to share it and was scared of my own sound.” 

“When Patience was written I was going through a rough time. I had been out for over a year and I was dodging something for a long time and had to deal with it.”

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Since the success of Patience, Jolly B has had the opportunity to meet SA rapper Magelra Doe Boy and amapiano star Focalistic who also raps in Spitori. 

“Sometimes I don’t know how I do it but it’s just my lingo speaking Spitori mixed with Cockney chavy lingo”. 

“Last night chopped it up on live with the goat Focalistic. Mr Champion Sound”.