Gina Mabasa

Gina Mabasa is set to release her new single ‘Nyeleti’ on Friday 26 November Image via Twitter @GinaMabasa

‘I am a star’: Rising musician Gina Mabasa gears up for new single [watch]

‘I am re-introducing myself’: Gina Mabasa is gearing up to release her new single ‘Nyeleti’ (which tranlates to star) on Friday 26 November.

Gina Mabasa

Gina Mabasa is set to release her new single ‘Nyeleti’ on Friday 26 November Image via Twitter @GinaMabasa

South African singer and actress Gina Mabasa has risen to become one of South Africa’s most talented and versatile entertainers. She has worked with several Mzansi musicians including jazz legend Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, RJ Benjamin and AKA to name a few. She is gearing up to release her new single, Nyeleti on Friday 26 November. 

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Gina Mabasa kicked off her music career at 12 years old and discovered her singing voice whilst in church. In 2009, the 28-year-old songstress joined the Tshwane Youth Gospel Choir. 

It was her appearance on Mzansi Magic’s Clash of the Choirs that solidified her place in the South African entertainment industry. As a member of Team North West on the reality show, Mabasa was mentored by Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse. 

“He shared so much knowledge and his experiences with us, I learned a lot about music from him, he used to call me ‘Diva’”,” she told Eyewitness News.

As a solo artist, Mabasa has shared the stage with the likes of Ami Faku, Beretta, and guitarist Selaelo Selota. She also performed at the South African State Theatre (SAST) in Pretoria, earlier this year. 

Interestingly enough, Mabasa also auditioned for Idols SA in 2019. 


Speaking about her upcoming single Nyeleti (which translates to star) she said it’s her way of reintroducing herself to the world as an artist. 

“I’ve never believed in myself. I have always been body conscious and continuously thinking that I lost this competition because of my body. I didn’t get a call back for this audition because of my body but that has all changed, I am re-introducing myself: I am a star.”

Mabasa mentioned that she does not feel her music does not fit into a specific genre. 

“I feel like this genre thing is very limiting, we could just call it modern African music.” 

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Gina Mabasa’s new single Nyeleti is set to be released on Friday 26 November. She explained that after getting a call from the State Theatre to perform for Women’s Month, she met up with her producer Thato Modika who created the beat for the track. 

“At that point, I had writer’s block. I couldn’t even come up with a melody. He exported the beat and two days later I’m on my bed, manifesting that I am a star and just like that I sang the whole song from verse to chorus and I just knew this was the one.”