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‘Fast Car’: Chapman first black female CMA winner

The song ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman has just won the Country Music Award for Song of the Year. Do you remember the original song, or its Combs cover?


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The song ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman has just won the Country Music Award for Song of the Year.

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More than 20 years after the song’s debut on the singer’s first album, the song has achieved a spike in recent popularity. A cover by Luke Combs has more than 13 million views, and has been partially credited for the song’s current recognition.

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Who still remembers jiving to Tracy Chapman, or serenading someone with a ballad?

Here’s more about the song’s history, and why it has become part of so many South Africans and their memory groove.

‘Fast Car’ wins Country Music Award for 2023

Tracy Chapman’s famous song ‘Fast Car’ has won the Country Music Award for 2023, according to Billboard.

Previous winners included the songs ‘Buy Dirt’ by Jordan Davis for last year, while it was Luke Combs’ album that won the top album spot for 2022.

Recognition for the Chapman-written track comes after Luke Combs’ cover pushed the song back into the mainstream playlists.

About ‘Fast Car’

The song ‘Fast Car’ was first released in 1988, where it quickly became a hit as one of the first songs on Chapman’s debut album.

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It’s the song that made her famous, a powerful yet soft acoustic ballad song that many South Africans will remember. According to Far Out Magazine. the song was part of her night’s performance when she was first discovered as an artist.

At the time of its release, Tracy Chapman was still considered a banned act in South Africa under apartheid laws. This didn’t stop the song from achieving any local fame!

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Recent covers of the song by Luke Combs have shot the song back into public recognition.

The song’s Country Music Award as Song of the Year for 2023 makes Chapman the first black female recipient of the award.

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